Hi, I’m Tawni

And this is my crazy







Let’s get some housekeeping issues out of the way…

To understand who I am you need to know a few things…

  • I am very, very far away from home…and It’s not as scary as you think, promise!
  • I am very involved in the broadcasting program. I’ll give you a short list: I do play-by-play and color commentary for Football, Basketball and Volleyball. The legal Apprentice for the Radio Station, a Media Manager, Maroon Productions Director, Presidents Ambassador, Sideline Reporting for Football, Host of the WTSN, and I’m taking 23 hours this semester…
  • …and because of that…
  • I live at school…I don’t mean on campus, but that I might as well have my mail sent to the Fine Arts Complex.
  • I don’t live a typical “college life”, you might have guessed that because I live at the school…
  • I stress about things like, manipulating my resume to fit on one page instead of the three that it is now.
  • My small talk consists of two questions, “What is your major?” and “What do you want to do with your life/future?”
    • *I’m really not as lame as I sound, promise!*
  • I use way more comas and ellipses (…) than I should because that’s how I write for a teleprompter. It’s annoying I know.

Now do you understand why I live a crazy, busy, haphazard, overwhelming, yet totally worth it lifestyle?

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