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No more color coded parking?

Parking at WT hasn’t been very well lately with all of the construction. There’s just not enough parking on campus for everyone, but starting in the Fall 2012, parking will not be color coded anymore. There will be single parking permits and you are allowed to park anywhere on campus that doesn’t violate the law that is.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I am a commuter now, so having designated parking for commuters that is off limits to residents of WT is nice because as commuters we aren’t on campus all of the time and we don’t go home to campus. But if parking is no longer color coded, it’s going to be a lot harder to find parking because I know when I was a resident, all the residents wanted the commuter spots. So does that mean commuters have to park farther away?

But then I see the benefits. Less parking tickets will be given because there isn’t a restriction. The residents will benefit greatly from this. So I understand the change, but I think the overall change that needs to be made is more parking. Parking might be harder to find once the residence hall behind Jones and Cross goes up.

So how do you feel about this change? What improvements should be done?

To take, or not to take: Online Classes?

Are you currently trying to decide if you want to take online classes or go the traditional route? Here are what some current WT students are saying about online classes:


Titus Miller, Senior Mechanical Engineer Major

“Internet classes are easy but you must be a self motivator in an Internet class or you won’t ever do your work.”



Dylan Doss, Freshman Sports and Exercise Science Major

“Internet classes are convenient for a busy schedule, but in my opinion, you don’t get the full package as you would a traditional class. You don’t get the in-depth debates, thorough understanding or get to meet new people.”



Lenzi Schmucker, Senior Marketing Major

“Online classes take motivation, determination, and organization in order for success. Many people feel these classes are easier than on-campus classes, I disagree. Students must learn independently and do not receive the direct attention a normal class would. I would personally rather enroll in an online class due to scheduling and convenience.”



Jayce Jane Renee Apsley, Junior Agricultural Communications and Media Major

“Online classes require just as much work, if not more, than a traditional class. You have to be a intrinsically motivated person to succeed in them. They are convenient, however, for busy schedules that make it difficult to take regular classes.”

Time does Fly!

Where has this semester gone?  I can’t believe that today is already Halloween.  I still feel all unorganized, and like it has only been a few weeks into the semester.  Before too long, or probably now, it will be time for me to start studying for finals.  I can’t believe after today’s holiday is over, thanksgiving is right around the corner, and right after that is Christmas break.  I just feel like this semester has gone by way too fast!


            This has been a crazy semester for me, some new friends, a new major, a new dorm, and finally an attempt on trying to grow this brand new facial hair that is struggling to come in.  I think this new major change to Political Science, is my fourth, putting me above the three change average for college students.  I guess I do always have to go big.  Along with the end of the semester, is the end of my money supply.


            I can’t believe how quickly I have blown through my money and it honestly all goes to food.  By looking at me you would think I was lying but its true, it has all been on food.   I know along with many others I’m frantically searching for a short term job over break but one that can pay the big bucks.  This search is still unsuccessful.  As this semester is quickly drawing to a close I need to really encourage others to make the most of the time left here before it gets hectic.  All our athletes have been doing excellent this year, so all of our athletic programs are looking for post season play.  Let’s support them while we can, so they can bring back some titles for our school! 


            Too bad we can’t slow time down, but since we can’t, make the most out of everyday.  Have a safe Halloween, and a great weekend.  Make sure to hit the books when possible but have fun doing it.  Before too long it will be too late, and you will be going home for the holidays.  Keep it real WT!  Also keep voting for me for real world!

“Real”ity T.V.

   Growing up, my family always loved to have family time sitting around watching reality t.v.  I thought we had a “normal” family, but it seems that other families and people do not find reality t.v. as interesting as my family did.  We were big fans of Survivor, Big brotherAmazing Race and almost anything else that promoted real live people, in real life scenarios (hmmm stranded on an island happens to everyone).  As my family continued on in this tradition, it spread throughout our other relatives, so we could all talk about who got voted off or what drama was had occurred on the last episode.  This was the topic of conversation for every family gathering.

     Since coming to college, I found that t.v. isn’t really that important in my life and aside from watching the Office, or sports, I rarely have time to watch much of anything.  Reality t.v. has sadly slowly slipped out of my life.  That is until I found many people watch MTV’s Real World, I do admit I have seen a few episodes but I do not watch it regularly.  My reality now consists of Big Brother during the summer, and sometimes the Hills if you count that.  While at home this summer in Bozeman, there was a commercial for a casting call for Survivor.  This sparked my eternal reality t.v. flame once again.  Determined that my life needs to be seen I quickly started filling out the application.  My flame was put out once my mom spoke the encouraging words of “If you made it on Survivor you would die, you are too skinny to survive.”  So that dream ended but it has once again been started.

     I found out that the Real World is having an on line casting call, and Big Brother is also taking applications for its next season.  I decided to see what happens for both shows.  I am required to make a video for both, and Big Brother I just submit an application.  The Real World however, did not have any locations close for interviews so I am attempting their on line process.  They will choose one member of the house from the Internet, based on going through different rounds, interviews with the show, and people voting for you on line.  Why would I want to be on reality t.v.?  Well I feel it is very misrepresented for what America seems to feel is real.  In both shows, members sleep around, get drunk, and cause drama.  Aside from the drama, that is the opposite of my life.  I want to go on t.v. to show that I am very real but yet am a Christ follower, don’t get drunk, and don’t sleep around.  I want to show that Christian men do exist in this world, and are a part of reality.  Plus in many cases I wonder how many of things that happen to me, are not on t.v.  My life is just far too interesting.  So after reading this blog feel free to vote for me on my real world site, pray that I will learn a life outside of reality t.v., but more importantly vote for me.  I feel I am very real!

Click my picture or one of my links to go to my page and vote for me!  It is highly recommended!

Welcome to the Good Life…It’s the life I live

     After Homecoming this last weekend, I was given the opportunityto leave small town Canyon, and escape to the mile high city of Denver, Colorado.  It was a great time to just get away and relax with college off my mind.  I also got the chance Tuesday night to see the band Anberlin perform at the Ogden theater.  For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’m addicted to Denver, and even more so Music.  This is not my first time in Denver for a concert, and certainly not my last even though the parents are not supportive of these road trips, concert trips, and the long distance girlfriend that sparks these interests even more.  I must give her the shout out though for getting us the tickets for this last show, thanks Alex. 

     After a great show from a band called There for Tomorrow, Straylight Run, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, and of course Anberlin rocked some faces off.  I highly recommend There for Tomorrow( and Anberlin ( I loved every second of the concert., but it did not last long enough.  Before I knew it I was back on my way back to the Texas panhandle.  I thought that the second I would get back I wouldn’t want to get back in the groove.  Although I missed the mile high city, and being able to hang with Alex non-stop, my life here is pretty eventful.

     Last night the Baptist Student Ministry had the bands The Bank, and Abandon Kansas play.  It was an amazing show and a ton of fun.  It was not a big time show like Denver holds, but Canyon does have some things to do.  It was a lot of fun, and getting back into the groove I get to be a part of a great program before Midnight Madness.  Monday night Buff Hall and the Residence Hall Association will be hosting a Wii Boxing Tournament where the winner will win a Nintendo Wii, and a chance to Wii Box President O’Brien at Midnight Madness.  It will be at 7 p.m. Monday, October 13 and is open for all who live on campus.  I really miss the things Denver has to hold but there is a reason I am here in Canyon, TX.  It is a great place to live and happens to be within drive of major concerts and events, if you ever get bored.  After seeing all these bands play lately,  I feel that I need to practice guitar and join a band.  It is the only logical thing to do.

back to the real world…

Spring break is OVER!  Tomorrow it’s back to life as usual, with classes, tests, assignments…  Granted, I had a pretty quiet week this past week, but it was a welcome respite from school all the same.  Whoever invented spring break was genius, pure genius.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while — like Wes said, it’s been a crazy semester!  I came back from India safe and sound (see a few of my pictures here) and had an amazing time; I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could.  It was so incredibly strange to be a foreigner; I never got used to being stared at everywhere I went, being followed by salesmen and orphans and cows everywhere I went, or finding ruins, palaces, and historical sites everywhere I went.  The food was amazing, the air was smoky, the sights were beautiful (especially the Taj Mahal!), and the people were very curious about us… Whenever we stopped at a tourist site, we took pictures of the attraction, and the Indians took pictures of us.  Tall, light-skinned people — amazing!

 One of my favorite memories of our trip was our impromptu stop at a roadside kite shop outside of Jaipur.  Jaipur is called the kite capital of the world; every year in late January, they host a kite-flying competition, and we encountered several Indians from the U.S. that had traveled to Jaipur simply to watch it.  Looking out of my hotel window every afternoon, I could see colorful paper kites popping up and down throughout the city, like popcorn or confetti dotting the horizon; and almost every tree in the city had at least one kite stuck in its leaves somewhere.  The people at the kite shop were very gracious, friendly, and honest, a welcome change from the pushy hawkers of the metropolis.  We played with the kids before they climbed on their school bus (all bundled up in scarves and hats, because it was a frigid 55 degrees Fahrenheit — oh my), flew kites with the shop owners, laughed with the women…  I got a taste of real India, or what I felt “real” India should be like; not the Westernized, trinket-selling tourist traps of the cities, but the hard-working, poor-yet-happy, everyday Indian citizens at home.

One thing that really surprised me, on the other hand, was the Indians’ pre-conceived notions about me.  I grew up in conservative, almost-rural West Texas, where men still say “ma’am” when addressing me, and opening doors for ladies is second-nature.  In India, however, women are viewed very poorly; oftentimes, their only value is their use as a “commodity” that can give men children, elevated social status, or free household labor.  Even worse is the Indians’ concept of Western women.  I suppose they expect all of us to be like the women they see on Hollywood big screens — loose morals, promiscuous, and manipulative — and many times we were treated accordingly.  We learned to expect this attitude and adjust our behaviors; although different and sometimes awkward, it wasn’t a big deal.  What broke my heart, though, were the cute little boys walking home from school that laughed as they made obscene gestures at us — it was sad to think that they learn such attitudes at such a young age, and that they will probably retain these preconceived concepts of us for as long as they live.  I am now thankful for every respectful word said to me, every door opened with a smile, and every expression of an expectation of my respectability back here at home; like they say, there’s nothing like going away to make you appreciate what you have at home.

That’s enough for now.  I hope you all had a great spring break, and I’ll be back again soon!


India or bust

So… tomorrow is the big day.  FINALLY.  Fourteen other WT students, faculty members, and I are flying to New Delhi, India!  I’ve never taken a sixteen-hour plane ride — I plan on sleeping a lot. 🙂  After spending the past semester reading about India, it will be amazing to actually experience everything first-hand.  We’ll travel around northern India for two weeks, riding elephants, boating down the Ganges, visiting major temples, mosques, and historical sites, interacting with the people, and side-stepping cows. (ha.) 

I must admit, I’m a little nervous… okay, I’m scared to death.  Even after reading all about India, I still don’t know what to expect — how will people interact with me?  will I be safe?  what is the food like?  and are the monkeys really that dangerous?  Nevertheless, I simply can’t wait to get on that plane tomorrow.  I love new experiences, and I know this trip will blow me away — besides, the suspense is killing me!  If you’d like to keep up with our escapades, see our online journal here.  It will be updated daily by all of us students, relating the day’s events and our reactions to our foreign (perhaps bizarre?) surroundings. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year; in a couple of weeks, I’ll post again with an overview of the trip (and pictures!).  Namaste!