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Get Involved in the Community – the Art Community

Although at first glance WT may not seem like a big art college, or even having much to do with the arts. While it may not seem like it WTAMU does have an art department full of talented students (I may be bragging a little, since I am one of them!) Being in the art department, I have learned that there are a lot of art shows, and gallery openings in and around the Canyon/Amarillo area.

Every year seniors are able to put together a senior show which is displayed in one of WT’s two galleries. WTAMU actually has a gallery on campus in Mary Moody Northern Hall where students, faculty, and even guest artist hold shows. Just last week the art faculty held a show of their work, while this week a graduate student will be having his gallery opening. It’s an amazing space to see work created by fellow buffs while on your way to class! WT’s other gallery space is in Amarillo as a part of the Sunset Center. On the first Friday of every month Sunset Center holds an art walk where multiple artists get together to show and even sell their artwork. WT owns a gallery space here for students and faculty shows.

Once a year students from WT have the chance to get their artwork into an actually museum, the Amarillo Museum of Art. Each year the museum host the AC/WT Student/Faculty show displaying works from both Amarillo College and WTAMU students and faculty and displays in in a show for all of the public to see. The opening for this show happens to be this Friday, April 5th, so if you are in town you should swing by and take a look for yourself the type of artwork that WT students and teachers can produce!

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Class Chaos

It’s that time again to start picking and choosing classes for the next semester. When you are first starting out your freshman year it’s relatively easy to find classes that fit into your schedule. However, as you get closer to your senior year you start to experience frustration, angst, and anxiety over finding classes that fit into your schedule. Today was the day I went looking for classes to fill my next semester. I found all of the classes that are required for my major, which filled up a good portion of my schedule. However, I still have one core class, a science class, left to take.  Finding a way to fit the science class into my schedule was certainly not an easy thing to do. Finding a class that fit into my schedule took a good 30 minutes of searching and checking to see which class would possibly fit with my other classes.

I ended up finding one class and lab that would meet my requirements and not overlap with my other classes: chemistry.  This is not a class I was looking forward to, or even wanting to take, but it is the only one that fit into my schedule. It is important to keep track of what classes you are taking, and which classes you have left so you don’t get stuck in a class you don’t enjoy. Sometimes, no matter how on top of your schedule you are, you have to take a class just because it fits, not because you enjoy it.  Sometimes you will end up in a class you don’t like, and there is not much you can do but suck it up and look to others for help, for at WT there will always be someone around to help you out.

The Grand Epiphany

I honestly can’t tell you when I discovered the word “epiphany” but if I had to guess, I’d venture to guess during late junior high or early high school. Anyway, that is not the point. The point is that whenever I stumbled upon “epiphany”, it was almost as if I was a pirate that had just discovered some booty… some “word booty” that is.

So, if you are unfamiliar with what “epiphany” means and haven’t been fortunate to stumble such word booty, no worries. An epiphany is a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Interesting, right?

Well, obviously, I wouldn’t go rambling on about what an epiphany and yada yada yada for no reason. As you can very well guess, I must have had an epiphany.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

My epiphany is…

(Well, come to think of it, there may be more than one epiphany here. It’s kind of like those treasure map that pirates use. You have to start at point A to get to point B… Just bare with me.)

I went to my first on-campus English class last Monday. What’s the big deal about this? Well, I’ve not been in an actual, physical English class in about three years. (Come to think of it, I hope my blogging grammar isn’t a reflection of that…)

It might be a bit of an understatement to say that I’ve been anticipating Advance Grammar this semester… Well, anticipation mixed with sheer terror. (Terror stemming from the fact that I didn’t know a single soul in the class. When you get to be a junior/senior, it’s rare to have a class without one of your buddies in there. So you get comfortable…)

So as I’m waiting for class to start and I’m sitting by a some stranger, I decide to play Scramble with Friends on my phone to try to hide my mixed emotions. Every time somebody walked through the door, my head would involuntarily look up to see if the person who had just walked in was the teacher. With every new person walking in, my heart would begin to race more and more.

Finally after seemed what was an eternity, my teacher walked in and class started. The typical first day of class introductions didn’t help my rapidly beating heart, to say the least. After listening to everyone go around the room introducing themselves by saying their name, major, where they were from, etc…, I realized I was one of the only two students in the class who wasn’t an English major and I was for sure the only Ag Comm major in there. Awkward…. Okay, not entirely but you just wonder what the other students were thinking when they realize that there is an agricultural major in their senior level advanced grammar class.

As the Dr. Walls began to delve into the world of grammar, spouting off words and things about morphemes and the differences between the form and function classes, my heart was still beating, but rather in a different way. It wasn’t anticipation and sheer terror that gripped my heart but rather fascination as I began to see the world of grammar in an entirely different way.

It seemed that as we were walking out of the door, signalling the end of class, it felt like we had just sat down. My hour and fifteen minute class seemed like it had only lasted thirty minutes. I walked out of class with a different look on life.

As I was mulling my classes over, I kept on coming back to this one idea: Advanced Grammar… I really like that class… There are so many things about grammar and English that I don’t know… With my English minor, there are a certain stipulations as far as what classes you have to take. To finish off my English minor, I only eighteen hours, so I’d only need one or two more classes. However, I honestly couldn’t help but wonder what other grammar and English classes I’ve been missing out on. So I got to thinking…

What if i was to double major and get a degree in English?

Roll with the Punches

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and everything all of your plans are thrown into the air. Sometimes you are not always able to get as much homework as you plan or are not able to finish. Sometimes these situations are out of your control like when the power goes out. Sometimes you are simply tempted into pushing homework aside and spend time with a friend that you haven’t seen in months.

No matter what happens in life you have to learn to “roll with the punches.” Over this past week I’ve had a few of the above happen to me which caused me to rethink and come up with a new plan so that school fit into my life. Last Thursday morning I woke up to a house of darkness caused by a large and loud thunderstorm. Of course, with no power I was unable to get on my computer work on an assignment that was due that Saturday. Then last Friday night I had a long time childhood friend come into town on a surprise only for a weekend which tempted me to push my homework aside for a while so that I could visit with them.

In the end I was able to finish all of my assignments, although much later and in a more rushed mood then I normally like, but looking back it’s hard to regret my choices this weekend. College is a time when I have really learned how to deal with different situations, like the one above. I’ve also learned that though my year’s at WT your choices don’t always have happy endings and sometimes a paper is turned in unfinished or a group project never makes. There will be ups and there will be downs in college, but so far WT has been a great place for me to learn how to grow up after high school and learn to simply “roll with the punches.”

“Help will always be given at WTAMU for those who ask for it.”

WT is a campus where there is always somebody around to help, in person or  online. I have received so much help from different faculty member’s at WT that I know I can count on them for my next two years. If you are looking for help online, be sure to check out the “Student Support” section of the WTAMU website:

The “Student Support” section has information about student jobs, financial aid, internships, scholarships, advising, and tutoring. I would suggest exploring this part of the website if you are interested in joining or have already joined the buff herd. It was though “Buff Jobs” that I was able to become a writer for this blog, so I am very thankful for it. Look around and you will be able to find important information about a possible job, or scholarship available, or get all of your financial aid into order.

Not Just a Small Town School

There are many people, and I was one of them, who view WT as just a small town college. I viewed it as a place to go if you live near by and don’t want to venture too far from home. It seemed to me as a “safe” choice, and that going to WT would be a piece of cake. I wasn’t interested in leaving home yet and the two colleges closest to me were Amarillo Community College and West Texas A&M University. Since I already had almost two semesters worth of duel credit when I graduated high school I decided to just go to WT so I wouldn’t have to worry about transferring later. I was happy with my choice at the time, but I made the choice without realizing just how involved WT is as a campus and a college.

There is much more to WT than meets the eye and I didn’t realize that until I became a student at WT. There are many different organizations or opportunities for students that extend beyond Canyon, Texas and go to the national level. Just recently WT’s Advertising Team placed 5th in a national competition. ( Until last semester I didn’t even realize we had an advertising team, or thought about WT really competing on a national level. Because WT is in a smaller town, and surrounded by large flat plains it is easy to think it’s just another small town college in the West, but the reality is far from the truth. It has the community feel to it, but WT is defiantly capable and does play with the big boys.

Each year I grow as a student at WT and even though I took my decision to attend WT lightly, I think it’s the best choice I’ve made concerning my college career.

Annual Honors Cookout

This past weekend the wonderful women who work for the Honor’s Program held the Annual Honor’s Cookout. All Honor’s students were invited for a relaxing day of fun and food right before finals. I was really glad for this event because it was just the break I needed before having to get serious and focus on upcoming final papers and projects. There was not a ton of people there, but it was still a good amount people to chat with or play games, our professor even got in on the fun by speeding around the backyard on a kids scooter. I ended up spending most of my time playing bean-bag toss, and though my skills were lacking I was able to finally get one in! For those of you looking into the Honor’s Program, this is a definite plus to look forward to at the end of the year.