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“Help will always be given at WTAMU for those who ask for it.”

WT is a campus where there is always somebody around to help, in person or  online. I have received so much help from different faculty member’s at WT that I know I can count on them for my next two years. If you are looking for help online, be sure to check out the “Student Support” section of the WTAMU website:

The “Student Support” section has information about student jobs, financial aid, internships, scholarships, advising, and tutoring. I would suggest exploring this part of the website if you are interested in joining or have already joined the buff herd. It was though “Buff Jobs” that I was able to become a writer for this blog, so I am very thankful for it. Look around and you will be able to find important information about a possible job, or scholarship available, or get all of your financial aid into order.