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A West Texas Win

Football season is great.
No, I don’t really love football that much, but I do like it.
I’ll wander in and out while the boys are watching the game, and help myself to some chips and queso, or whatever. I’m not going to paint “cowboys” across my face, but I do enjoy a nice blitz.

Speaking of football…
Last night the WT football team traveled to the middle of nowhere, just past yander “biggest cross of the midwest”, to Weatherford, Oklahoma.
Not because we’re die-hard face-painters, or incapable of filling a Saturday night, but because me and my friends love road trips, football players and gas station food we lived the dream, and followed the team.
So far this season the buffs have had it pretty rough, and we were 0-3 walking into their stadium.
Its almost as if the Coach Carthel generation doesn’t know what to do with losses. Ever since he arrived in 2005 wearing his little maroon baseball cap, and his radio head-set, Coach Carthel has been pulling in countless victories. My freshmen year of college the buff football team went 11-0. It was beautiful.
But true fans are not fair-weather fans. We’re there for every game regardless of where the zero is placed in our record, just like Carthel’s once-maroon, but now kinda pink coachin’ hat.

But with our support, the buffs got rid of their zero last night.

It was a slaughter of epic proportions. The score at half time was 31 nothing the buffs, and though we gave up a touch down or two somewhere in or around the third quarter, the final numbers were buffs 40-something, and Southwestern Oklahoma State University 15.

All strings of the buffalo football team saw some field time, which is actually great news for me. That means that I can throw a “good game” to virtually any footballer and pretty much guarantee plans for next weekend, too!

Cheers for a needed victory, and for having classes and future dates with the West Texas A&M football boys!