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Studying Is Beginning To Change

As tests roll around, mostly everyone is staying up all night and studying until they can’t stay awake. If you’re like me, you’re trying to get organized and get your thoughts together and information together. As I was studying for a previous exam, I noticed an email in my WTClass email. A classmate of mine had sent all of us information about this new website/app that made notecards very easy on the computer and you could study anywhere you wanted with the free app on your phone. Desperate for something new, I decided why not try it. And now I LOVE it! It’s called StudyBlue and here are some benefits I found from it:

1) It’s a lot faster to type than to write out words on note cards. On StudyBlue, you can easily make lots of notecards very quickly.

2) After you type the term on the notecard, StudyBlue pulls up any card throughout the website with the same name. It’s easy to share and find more information about it.

3) You can post pictures along with the notecard. As a Biology major, we have lots of diagrams and pictures so it’s easy to put on a notecard.

4) When you sign up online, it asks you what school you attend. After you put in West Texas A&M University, you can join your class if other classmates are on it and share notecards! If it doesn’t have your class on there, make your own and spread the news!!!

5) You can take it on the go with you and study wherever you are!

6) It makes quizzes and review sheets for you, so if you want to test your knowledge take a quiz! You can also print whatever you want from it so it’s super easy.

As you can see, I really love this new study tool! I’m excited to start using it and am trying to get the word out to other classmates. Technology has taken over!

Summer School

Personally, I’ve never taken a summer class.  Last year was my first summer in College, and I went home for the summer.  This summer, I’m getting married and I don’t think I want to mix class and last minute wedding planning.  But I did really looked into classes this summer.  The hard thing for me was that the classes I could take in the summer all had labs.  So it was 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.  That might leave a little time for a job, but then when was I going to take care of wedding business… sooo here I am.  I do know that summer classes are intense.  You learn everything you would learn in a semester in 6 weeks!  Talk about a headache.  Some close friends of mine were studying for their midterm this week… and it’s only the second week!  If your thinking about taking summer classes in the future, I’m not trying to discourage you!  I’m just telling you  the things you are going to hear from other students at some point.  For now, I am going to ask you to look at the other side of things.  And if  you are taking summer classes right now, maybe this will encourage you.

What else are you going to be doing during the summer?  REALLY??? Okay, you may say work a really good job that pays really well!  But, these classes are going to help you get one step closer to the job that you really want. The job that probably pays better than what you are getting paid now.  And if you aren’t going to work, then what are you going to do?  We all know that summers are full of sleeping and watching tv.  So why don’t you spend your time doing something productive instead?

Although classes may be rough in the summer, you don’t have to put up with them for as long.  So if there’s a subject that you just think is boring or don’t really enjoy, take it in the summer and you only have to sit through it for 6 weeks!

Also, when you start a new semester, there may be a small feeling of dread, but there is also always this feeling of a fresh start.  I go into a semester with my head held high and a sense of determination.  Two weeks into fall semester I still have this feeling.  I’m still giving it my all.  Two weeks into summer 1 you are studying for your midterm… but you may still have the determination!  In a fall semester, by midterm time, everyone is thinking “We still have 2 months left???”  But you can get the midterm over with and only have 3 weeks left!!! Try to keep a positive state of mind, and you can power through!