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Obama – Round 2

As I’m sure you have all seen on your bombarded News Feeds, Barack Obama is still our president.  I know some of you are happy and some really bummed, but I have to say that my News Feed makes me sick right now.  There are so many people being hateful about the results of this election.

I think that sometimes we (normal people) think that celebrities and politicians aren’t real people.  We can’t grasp the fact that they are just a human being like all of us.. so it’s almost like they are imaginary. . We also think this makes it alright to talk trash about them all the time.  Look at what the paparazzi say about celebrities!  It’s hardly ever nice.. So I want to challenge you, to imagine that you catch a break and become famous.. Imagine how you would feel if you were constantly criticized the way so many celebrities are.. Now what if you became president… and people were saying the same things about you that they are Obama… I would  go see a therapist, cry alot, and probably have some serious depression issues!

I’m not saying we have to agree with all of his decisions… AT ALL.  But let’s try to be a little mature about this and treat him like another human being.  This is his second and last chance… that’s all there is too it.  You can look at this with disgust and have a bad attitude for the next four years, you can not care and ignore politics the next four years, or you can keep your chin up and hope for the best.  I challenge you to think of him as a person.. He came pretty close to losing.. It was a close race!  And I’m pretty sure that he realizes as well that this is his second chance and that he better get some business taken care of…

Just some thoughts…

Will you vote?

During the past elections, most of us were in grade school and not old enough to vote.  I remember that especially during the last election, a big deal was made about “the young people’s vote.”  It was so great that so many young people were voting.  So.  Now WE are the young people.  Are we going to vote?  Do we care to vote?  I’m not going to tell you that you should vote.  That decision is yours.  However, I AM voting.  I’ve done my research and know who I’m voting for.  If you decide to vote, PLEASE do your research!  Don’t dumb vote.  This is an important issue and you need to know how the candidates stand.  For example, BOTH candidates are for the death penalty.  Did you know that? I bet you assumed Obama was against it… Another surprising issue stance, Obama is for legal medicinal marijuana.  One more, Romney is for water boarding during a war.  If you do your research, you might be surprised by what you find out! I got this information from  However, there are plenty of other websites to check out.  Another thing you need to realize, is that there are 5 candidates, not two.  Goode, Johnson, and Stein may not stand a chance in today’s election, but if you agree with them more and you vote for them, it might give third party candidates more hope for the future.  So just think about that as well before voting.  This is an important event happening in our lives and we need to treat it that way.  You’re voting for the President of the United States, not homecoming queen.  But, I don’t think that if you are voting for Obama (just an example) that you should shun everyone voting for Romney (or be rude to them for that matter).  Sometimes people get too serious and become really terrible to be around.  Remember not to completely stress about the election.  On that note, here is something I hope will make you laugh.