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First World Pains

Everyone’s been there, you get to class and it seems like a normal day… Until your professor walks in.  They come in stomping their feet slightly, swinging their arms a little too much, and walking very quickly to the podium. Their hair is a little messed up… Their papers a little disheveled… Then they go into a furious lecture.  Sometimes it is on topic, but sometimes its about something like “Students have no respect for others because they are on their phones and listening to music all the time.”  Either way, it’s no fun being stuck in a class for over an hour with a professor who is letting all their anger lose on the students.  AND.. Vice Versa.  We’ve all had THESE days… the days where EVERYTHING goes wrong..  That’s how my morning went today… And we can either blow up on everybody or we can contain ourselves.. We’ve seen the students who take out their anger on the professors for no apparent reason…

Next time you have a bad day, just try to calm down and have a positive attitude… Although we’ve had professors release their anger on our class, we’ve also had the professors that come in looking just as disheveled and frustrated, but they take a deep breath, put on a smile, and start the lecture like any other… Don’t we appreciate that so much more!  And I think the professors would appreciate it, if we would do the same with them!

When things go wrong, just think of all the things going right.  There is a twitter account called FirstWorldPains.. They post things like “I daydreamed in the shower and now I can’t remember if I shampooed my hair yet or not.”  It makes fun of our petty problems.. And if you think about your problems in this context versus problems that people in third world countries face… WOW.  That puts things in perspective.  Today I failed a midterm.. I was sooo unhappy, but then I thought of what someone in a less fortunate situation would think if they heard me complaining about that.. They would probably dream of the chance to get an education at all!

So today I want to challenge you to keep a positive attitude.. We are all SOO blessed to be able to come to WTAMU and get an education and some awesome life experiences as well!

Roll with the Punches

Sometimes things happen unexpectedly and everything all of your plans are thrown into the air. Sometimes you are not always able to get as much homework as you plan or are not able to finish. Sometimes these situations are out of your control like when the power goes out. Sometimes you are simply tempted into pushing homework aside and spend time with a friend that you haven’t seen in months.

No matter what happens in life you have to learn to “roll with the punches.” Over this past week I’ve had a few of the above happen to me which caused me to rethink and come up with a new plan so that school fit into my life. Last Thursday morning I woke up to a house of darkness caused by a large and loud thunderstorm. Of course, with no power I was unable to get on my computer work on an assignment that was due that Saturday. Then last Friday night I had a long time childhood friend come into town on a surprise only for a weekend which tempted me to push my homework aside for a while so that I could visit with them.

In the end I was able to finish all of my assignments, although much later and in a more rushed mood then I normally like, but looking back it’s hard to regret my choices this weekend. College is a time when I have really learned how to deal with different situations, like the one above. I’ve also learned that though my year’s at WT your choices don’t always have happy endings and sometimes a paper is turned in unfinished or a group project never makes. There will be ups and there will be downs in college, but so far WT has been a great place for me to learn how to grow up after high school and learn to simply “roll with the punches.”