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Don’t give up!

It’s that time of year… Nobody is showing up to class.. The people that are showing up are all late… There’s NO motivation! All the other colleges have had Fall Break by now or are having it next week for Thanksgiving.. and We have class until Wednesday at noon.. The day before Thanksgiving.  It really stinks.. We all just want to enjoy the holidays and have a BREAK from school… So what can you do to get motivated???

One thing – Look on the bright side… 1 week until Thanksgiving break.. Although it’s not a long break it is at least something to look forward to!  Then, less than a month until Christmas break!! And if you are a freshman and haven’t experienced a college Christmas break yet, let me tell you.. They rock!  Our break is about a month long!  Compared to two weeks in high school its amazing!  So when you don’t want to go to class tomorrow morning, just remind yourself that soon you will have a whole month of sleeping in.. So get up and go!

Another way to beat the blues… If you are a twilight fan, take a day this weekend to throw all studies out the window!  Don’t worry, you can do this every once in a while and not flunk out.. Anyways, throw your studies out the window one day this weekend and go see the new Breaking Dawn!  It’s the last one, so make a day of it!  Make a tshirt, eat out, get some friends to go with you and then get some coffee afterwards!  Your mind will appreciate the break from school (:

One more way to make it through this last bit of the semester… NAPS.  It’s been proven that a 30 minute nap during the day increases productivity!  I don’t have any 1 O’clock classes, so every day after lunch I take a 30 minute nap.. When I don’t, I can definitely tell the difference in my motivation level.. So try to set a time each day and make it a priority to take a SHORT nap!

You can do it!  We are so close to the holidays but it’s still important to focus on school!  Right now you can either make the grade or break the grade!

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