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“Help will always be given at WTAMU for those who ask for it.”

WT is a campus where there is always somebody around to help, in person or  online. I have received so much help from different faculty member’s at WT that I know I can count on them for my next two years. If you are looking for help online, be sure to check out the “Student Support” section of the WTAMU website:

The “Student Support” section has information about student jobs, financial aid, internships, scholarships, advising, and tutoring. I would suggest exploring this part of the website if you are interested in joining or have already joined the buff herd. It was though “Buff Jobs” that I was able to become a writer for this blog, so I am very thankful for it. Look around and you will be able to find important information about a possible job, or scholarship available, or get all of your financial aid into order.

What We Will Do For Some Spare Change

Everyone knows that when you go to college, you’re gonna be broke. Here are some funny things college students will do, to have some extra cash.

1. I know multiple people, that collect change they find on the street.  They have all their friends collect the change they find and bring it to them.

2. Many people donate plasma.  It helps people, and you can make anywhere from 20-80 dollars a week. The only downside is that it takes alot of time, and there are some sketchy people that will be at the clinic.

3. My Fiance checks the washing machines for spare change every time he does laundry.  He got so excited yesterday because he found 6 cents.

4. I’ve made homemade headbands and things in hopes of selling them online for some extra money.

5.  Catch a greased pig!  There was a greased up pig on campus the other day and the prize was a Free Dinner for Two at Blue Sky and two tickets to the movies.

6. Ref little kids sports.  You get sunburned and you are bored, but you make some good money!

Here’s a tool on WT’s website that searches for jobs in the area.  It’s great and maybe it will stop some of your funny habits that you have attained since coming to college!