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September Activities and Fun!

Lately I’ve noticed that I have a semi-bad attitude. NOT good! I’ve never been the kid with the attitude problem.  But I just realized I was complaining about anything and everything.  So I’ve tried to stop and in this, I’ve realized that if I focus on one great thing that happened during the day, I’m a much happier, nicer, and kinder person.  For example, yesterday I had to make a dentist appointment for a tooth problem I’m having.  The only time they could get me in was when I was scheduled to work.  Nobody at work could take my shift, and I was starting to get worried.  But then my boss told me to ask a new guy that I’ve never even met.  I texted him, not expecting anything because I don’t even know this guy.  And a few hours later he texted back saying that he would help me out and take my shift!  Such a kind guy!  So I let that wonderful feeling I got when I read that text message cheer me up all day.

Now things like the situation above aren’t going to happen everyday! Sometimes you have to take control of a situation and make something good happen! Some ways you can do this in the upcoming month are…

*Go to sporting events!  Buff games are very energetic and the fans have lots of fun.  There is a football game in Arlington this weekend that alot of people are going to.  It’s gonna be a great game in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium!  Also, you can go see a Rangers game, or go shopping while you’re there! Make a trip out of it! Have fun!

*Go to the Tri-state fair!!! This starts this weekend and ends next weekend! It’s pretty pricey to get in… but good news! College students get in free on Thursday the 20th! Go eat fried food to your heart’s content and see the attractions while your at it!

*Get involved on campus! This week is iWeek.  It’s pretty awesome, each day around noon there is a fair by the jbk and there are free shirts, lots of organizations with free pens, bags, etc, and lots of people!  You can also use iWeek to get you signed up for an organization that you might be interested in!

Sometimes great things just happen to you, but if you are needing something to cheer you up and brighten your mood take the first step by doing one of the things mentioned above! Or share your ideas with us in the comments!

iWeek at the Pedestrian Mall

A West Texas Win

Football season is great.
No, I don’t really love football that much, but I do like it.
I’ll wander in and out while the boys are watching the game, and help myself to some chips and queso, or whatever. I’m not going to paint “cowboys” across my face, but I do enjoy a nice blitz.

Speaking of football…
Last night the WT football team traveled to the middle of nowhere, just past yander “biggest cross of the midwest”, to Weatherford, Oklahoma.
Not because we’re die-hard face-painters, or incapable of filling a Saturday night, but because me and my friends love road trips, football players and gas station food we lived the dream, and followed the team.
So far this season the buffs have had it pretty rough, and we were 0-3 walking into their stadium.
Its almost as if the Coach Carthel generation doesn’t know what to do with losses. Ever since he arrived in 2005 wearing his little maroon baseball cap, and his radio head-set, Coach Carthel has been pulling in countless victories. My freshmen year of college the buff football team went 11-0. It was beautiful.
But true fans are not fair-weather fans. We’re there for every game regardless of where the zero is placed in our record, just like Carthel’s once-maroon, but now kinda pink coachin’ hat.

But with our support, the buffs got rid of their zero last night.

It was a slaughter of epic proportions. The score at half time was 31 nothing the buffs, and though we gave up a touch down or two somewhere in or around the third quarter, the final numbers were buffs 40-something, and Southwestern Oklahoma State University 15.

All strings of the buffalo football team saw some field time, which is actually great news for me. That means that I can throw a “good game” to virtually any footballer and pretty much guarantee plans for next weekend, too!

Cheers for a needed victory, and for having classes and future dates with the West Texas A&M football boys!

WT rains out Midwestern

Well, we brought home the herd. 
After a week of marshmallow and weenie consumption, bonfire building, guarding, and burning, homecoming dances, parades, floats, fairs, elections, marches by torchlight, maroon and white decor, we can finally say that we came home in 2008. But it wasn’t made official until our domination on the football field took place. Buffalo fans from far and wide gathered last night, and by four thirty it was next to impossible to get within a mile of Kimbrough Stadium. I was reminded of my home in the Dallas metroplex as I putted along the service road wondering if I was ever going to get out of first gear. 
But the traffic was the least of the problems facing our homecoming game in this year of our Lord 2008.

Upon arrival to the parking lot a very nice baseball boy dressed in green waved me on into the lot, where there was officially zero places left. I nervously made my own and glanced around for a 5-o. Luckily I made it away without a parking ticket.

It was strange to me that despite the drab weather everyone seemed chipper and ready for some football. I walked past the sea of tailgaters and I noticed a few games of washers, and aggie golf going down, and the smell of hotdogs and hamburgers was thick despite the rain. College boys stood shirtless in the precipitation covering their chests with paint, shivering with WT pride.

There was an hour to go until kick off when I made my way into the actual stadium. To my suprise, the place was already packed and I had a hard time finding my friends in the mess of maroon everywhere. By the time I got to them the rain was starting to pelt us a little bit. Soon thereafter old ladies were taking cover beneath seat cushions, and some were begining to talk about running for the hills.
A huge streak of lightning colored the gray sky, and the big voice came over the system to announce the delay of our homecoming for an additional half an hour.

Pack it up.

It was as if the announcement itself opened up the skies. The rain hit us like bullets as we sprinted back to the gates, we waited to get our hands stamped and hid beneath our purses, foam fingers, and hoodies. We retreated back to our cars and crammed as many people as you could imagine into a mid-sized SUV.
Wondering if our homecoming dreams were going to be ruined, we turned on some Jack Johnson music and sang our little hearts out as we awaited the big game.

You may be able to postpone destiny, but you cannot cancel it.

A giant rainbow appeared over the stadium as we re-entered with our hand stamps, as if a promise of our coming victory over Midwestern State University on our homecoming. I’ve never seen a full-fledged rainbow like that before, it was straight lucky charms style and I half expected leprachauns to walk on the field, though I was relieved to see it was our buffalos ready for battle.
The first half was close. It was shaping up to be a good game, fueled by noise makers, and cheers for Keithon Flemming, a running back and all-star rapper known on the streets as Young Boss. By half time I’d lost my voice completely and the score was a solid 21 us, 14 Midwestern.
Although we weren’t up against Eastern New Mexico for homecoming this year, you could feel the tension as we went into the game again.
Little did we know, that our team was just taunting them the entire time, and it turned out to be a complete blow out.
It seems like WT football domination is inevitable. Unfortunatley so is rain despite our desertous location, and when the rain came back for a second drive by, most people, knowing we had the victory in the bag, tucked tail and headed for dry ground for good.

We stuck it out to the end, and though we were dripping wet from head to toe, we walked away with a victory, memories that will last a life time, and a cold that will last about a week and a half.

Go Buffs.

The WT Monarchy

Once again, it is time for homecoming. What does that mean? Football, parades, parties, really ridiculously large fires, dances, decorations, and of course voting for homecoming king and queen , one of the most important events of all. This year the homecoming king and queen competition seems to be fueled with hope, persistence, desire, drive, passion, and of course lots of flyers, sidewalk chalk, and mustaches. Out of twenty candidates, each one demonstrates certain strenghts and advantages but only one king and one queen will rise to the top to be the peoples favorite. Who will it be? Thats for you to decide! With eleven people running for king and nine running for queen there are lots of people to vote for.

How do you vote? Starting on September 29th there will be a link on the WT homepage that you can click on and vote or you can go to any of the computer kiosks on campus and vote. The point is, this election is just as important as another one coming up in November so you should go vote and be a good student. Click to see a list of the candidates and for a mock poll.
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We will kick, pass, and run, ’til those Greyhounds are done…


Pigskin Revue, the bonfire, Fair on the Square, parades, concerts…  I LOVE homecoming.  For an entire weekend, the entire town of Canyon turns maroon — it seems like everyone has a maroon shirt to wear, and little kids with buffalo horns on their heads run around with their “buffs up” (the WT hand sign: thumb and pinky up, three middle fingers folded down.  That’s the one.)  Students decorate their residence hall entrances for the weekend, eat a turkey leg after the parade, and take lots and lots of pictures by the huge bonfire.  But the most exciting part of homecoming is….. (drumroll…)


 I’m not a sports buff — I played flag footall once, and got my eye punched out — but the football game is perhaps my favorite part of homecoming every year.  This year was no exception… it was without doubt the best yet.  Continue reading ‘We will kick, pass, and run, ’til those Greyhounds are done…’

goodness, gracious, great buffs a fire!

Homecoming week is officially over. Sad. However, I do have a confession to make. Friday afternoon, I was sick of Homecoming. All the work, all the paint, the pomp, the time, the headaches for what a day’s worth of events. I was OVER it.

I was over it until, Pigskin Revue, the big pep rally before the bonfire. By the third time the band played the fight song, I had regained part of my Buff Pride. At the same time though the thought was in my head, “Can we please get this over with? Bed is sounding awfully nice!” After Pigskin was over the Student Body Officers, the RHA President and Dr. O’Brien headed over to the Eternal Flame to light the torches that would eventually light the Bonfire.

It was that little flame that lit the flame in my heart. I was passionate again for WT, for Homecoming. I was a part of the torch processional. We marched across the Pedestrian Mall {WHOA! AMAZING Experience….I’m excited about this new tradition.} We followed the O’Brien’s car as we travelled down the streets of campus; the band was blaring the fight song, the herdsmen were chanting, bells were ringing. The energy was AWESOME!

As the Bonfire was lit, my passion for Homecoming was regained. A smile was on my face the rest of the night. The Bonfire meant so much to me, it was my last Bonfire as a student. It culminated my University experience. So many memories were brought forth. I saw so many friends both current students and alumni. The whole community was out there. The Bonfire unified everyone. We were all Buffs for that night.