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Class Chaos

It’s that time again to start picking and choosing classes for the next semester. When you are first starting out your freshman year it’s relatively easy to find classes that fit into your schedule. However, as you get closer to your senior year you start to experience frustration, angst, and anxiety over finding classes that fit into your schedule. Today was the day I went looking for classes to fill my next semester. I found all of the classes that are required for my major, which filled up a good portion of my schedule. However, I still have one core class, a science class, left to take.  Finding a way to fit the science class into my schedule was certainly not an easy thing to do. Finding a class that fit into my schedule took a good 30 minutes of searching and checking to see which class would possibly fit with my other classes.

I ended up finding one class and lab that would meet my requirements and not overlap with my other classes: chemistry.  This is not a class I was looking forward to, or even wanting to take, but it is the only one that fit into my schedule. It is important to keep track of what classes you are taking, and which classes you have left so you don’t get stuck in a class you don’t enjoy. Sometimes, no matter how on top of your schedule you are, you have to take a class just because it fits, not because you enjoy it.  Sometimes you will end up in a class you don’t like, and there is not much you can do but suck it up and look to others for help, for at WT there will always be someone around to help you out.

Fall is here…

WOOT! I’m totally diggin the fact that fall has arrived here in C-Town! It’s chilly outside. The trees are starting to change colors. And…my allergies will finally be gone! I love fall. The only draw back, the little kids that live across the street from my apartment have begun to play football at 8:00 a.m. on Saturdays in my front yard. Really? Who does this? Don’t they know that sleep is basically the best thing ever?!

As a sidenote, I went and saw Cabaret last night. It’s honestly a pretty decent show. I’m glad that the theatre department is putting it on. Go out and see it before it’s over. The theatre department’s shows usually rock my face off!

I’m headed to the LBK this weekend to recharge. I’m excited to go home…though I’ll miss my friends here.

Have a great one.