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SI Sessions & Tutoring

One of the great things WT has to offer is SI sessions! In difficult classes its always good to have a little extra assistance. Students just like us hold group sessions where any student in the class can get help and they can reteach what you didn’t understand in class. They do their best to pick times so that everyone can attend, but of course that’s not always possible.

I’m taking physics right now and all of the SI times are during other classes of mine, so I signed up for a tutor. In the past I’ve had tutors and it helped me tremendously! Asking for help is not a crime and is recommended and encouraged at WT. Don’t be ashamed of something you don’t understand because more than likely you are not the only one that needs help with it. Tutoring at WT is free so take advantage of the resources that are presented in front of you and if you need help don’t wait until the last month of the semester. Get help early and don’t give up on it.

Science Lab

This semester I am taking Chemistry II and I’ve been having a little trouble with it. One of the great things about WT is free tutoring and places like the science lab ( there is also a math lab and writing center). My schedule is kind of hectic this semester so finding time to meet with a tutor was a concern of mine, so I decided to try the Science Lab.

The science lab is located on the first floor of the classroom center and is across from educational services. There is a set schedule of tutors who will be there at certain times. Some tutors are strictly chemistry I or II, organic chemistry, or physics for example. Some tutors are able to help with multiple subjects. If you have homework online, they are computers that you are able to use and the tutors just pull up a chair and let you ask any question.

So when I need help I can just look at the schedule and find a time to go in and meet with someone. I have found it very beneficial and easy to work with. Knowing that I am able to go and ask questions to students who have taken the class before really helps out. This is my first semester using the science lab and i really like it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help on any class, because there are is a variety of way to get help on the WT campus.