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Holiday Shopping

Did you go shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?  I’m too scared to do it.  I purposely waited until Sunday to go to Walmart to buy mascara!  I understand wanting to get the deals.  My husband and I seriously considered going to Walmart on Friday to get an Ipad for $200 off.  But it’s the people that are super serious and kinda scary that kept us away!  I watch Good Morning America every morning, and yesterday they showed a huge fight at Walmart over a tv.   And they said that at least one person died… Isn’t that crazy?  I can’t imagine it!  Although I don’t like shopping Black Friday weekend, I do love shopping around Christmas.  It’s crowded and cold, but the Christmas spirit is amazing!  My mom however gets her shopping all done before Thanksgiving so she doesn’t have to deal with the long lines and people.  If you are like her, and don’t want to go to the mall to do your Christmas shopping, but still need to buy a few gifts, check out our WTAMU bookstore!  I was in there yesterday and found a WT domino set, playing cards, drinking glasses, and they have a new Under Armor section that is really nice! You’d be surprised what you can find in there!