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Dessert Love

Anybody that knows me, knew this was going to come sooner or later… This is my dessert post.  I LOVE DESSERT.  So much.  I’m one of those people that works out not because I’m trying to look like a model, but so I can eat dessert and still be a relatively healthy person.  So the best places for desserts and sweets in good ole Canyon, Tx???

1. Palace Coffee Company – Mmm… I get a coffee every monday, and they make the experience so much sweeter.. Literally!  If you like specialty coffee drinks, this is the place for you to go.  The atmosphere is great and the drinks are better.  On top of that, they have cookies and scones… Scones! I love scones.  If you haven’t ever had one, go get one from Palace asap.

2. The Cake Company – They baked my wedding cake (snicker-doodle flavored) and it was AMAZING.  I got so many compliments on how good the cake tasted.  I know as college students we can’t just go buy a cake from a bakery (they can be pricey) but they have cupcakes for a decent price, and it’s your lucky day – they also have snicker-doodle cupcakes!

3. Braums – Braums has some AWESOME ice cream choices.  This time of year is my favorite.  They have PUMPKIN ice cream… Turn that into a shake and it’s a party in your mouth.  For real.  If your an egg nog fan like myself, this will be in town shortly as well.  Some other great flavors they have are rocky road, cookie dough, and upside down pineapple cake.  YUMMM!

I hope this helps all my fellow dessert lovers! If you don’t get out much, the caf has a Blue Bell ice cream bar that rocks too.

P.S. If  you can’t tell I was pretty hungry while writing this! 😛

The life and legend of Jesse Robinson

I am a native of this magnificent town, Canyon.  My father is a professor at this institution.  Thankfully though, he is in the agriculture department.  My likelihood of ever being in such a department is absolutely zero.  This, paired with my decision to live all four years on campus, has made my collegiate experience here at WT most enjoyable and has allowed me to form my own identity despite my 15 years of residency here in Canyon.  I am a senior history major, which really means that I have to consume books and produce papers at a inhumane rate.  I am the only male living in Cross Hall, which has been an incredible learning and humbling experience.  I have been involved in the BSM leadership team for the past 3 years, going on 4.  My dream is be an electro-pop indie artist who mixes in a unique flavor of American historical references within my lyrics.  I love my Mac, cities, trips to Palo Duro, art, food, poetry, friends, new experiences, and life in general.

back to the real world…

Spring break is OVER!  Tomorrow it’s back to life as usual, with classes, tests, assignments…  Granted, I had a pretty quiet week this past week, but it was a welcome respite from school all the same.  Whoever invented spring break was genius, pure genius.

Sorry I haven’t written in a while — like Wes said, it’s been a crazy semester!  I came back from India safe and sound (see a few of my pictures here) and had an amazing time; I’d go back in a heartbeat if I could.  It was so incredibly strange to be a foreigner; I never got used to being stared at everywhere I went, being followed by salesmen and orphans and cows everywhere I went, or finding ruins, palaces, and historical sites everywhere I went.  The food was amazing, the air was smoky, the sights were beautiful (especially the Taj Mahal!), and the people were very curious about us… Whenever we stopped at a tourist site, we took pictures of the attraction, and the Indians took pictures of us.  Tall, light-skinned people — amazing!

 One of my favorite memories of our trip was our impromptu stop at a roadside kite shop outside of Jaipur.  Jaipur is called the kite capital of the world; every year in late January, they host a kite-flying competition, and we encountered several Indians from the U.S. that had traveled to Jaipur simply to watch it.  Looking out of my hotel window every afternoon, I could see colorful paper kites popping up and down throughout the city, like popcorn or confetti dotting the horizon; and almost every tree in the city had at least one kite stuck in its leaves somewhere.  The people at the kite shop were very gracious, friendly, and honest, a welcome change from the pushy hawkers of the metropolis.  We played with the kids before they climbed on their school bus (all bundled up in scarves and hats, because it was a frigid 55 degrees Fahrenheit — oh my), flew kites with the shop owners, laughed with the women…  I got a taste of real India, or what I felt “real” India should be like; not the Westernized, trinket-selling tourist traps of the cities, but the hard-working, poor-yet-happy, everyday Indian citizens at home.

One thing that really surprised me, on the other hand, was the Indians’ pre-conceived notions about me.  I grew up in conservative, almost-rural West Texas, where men still say “ma’am” when addressing me, and opening doors for ladies is second-nature.  In India, however, women are viewed very poorly; oftentimes, their only value is their use as a “commodity” that can give men children, elevated social status, or free household labor.  Even worse is the Indians’ concept of Western women.  I suppose they expect all of us to be like the women they see on Hollywood big screens — loose morals, promiscuous, and manipulative — and many times we were treated accordingly.  We learned to expect this attitude and adjust our behaviors; although different and sometimes awkward, it wasn’t a big deal.  What broke my heart, though, were the cute little boys walking home from school that laughed as they made obscene gestures at us — it was sad to think that they learn such attitudes at such a young age, and that they will probably retain these preconceived concepts of us for as long as they live.  I am now thankful for every respectful word said to me, every door opened with a smile, and every expression of an expectation of my respectability back here at home; like they say, there’s nothing like going away to make you appreciate what you have at home.

That’s enough for now.  I hope you all had a great spring break, and I’ll be back again soon!


do a little happy dance…

4 Reasons why today was a great day

1. It was the first day of my winter break.  No more finals — yeah!

2. I got to work at a job I love.  Physical therapy rocks my socks.

3. I didn’t have a wreck driving on the ice this morning.  Phew…

4. I got accepted to physical therapy school!!!

When I got the message that one of my top choices of doctoral physical therapy programs was offering me a position, I jumped out of my chair and did a little happy dance, right there in our office at work.  I’m so excited!  All the studying, working, volunteering, applications, essays, etc. really did pay off.  I was pretty much worthless the rest of the day at work — I think I was in a happy daze.  I have LOVED being here at WT, and while part of me will be sad to leave, the other part of me knows my years here have left me well-prepared for moving on to something different.

That’s why today was a great day.  🙂

 oh — and only 21 days until I go to India!

Party in the HELC…or…not.

So I am down here in the computer lab printing off a study guide for a final tomorrow.  No, I’m not procrastinating…it’s one I made to remember the information easier.

 Anywho, so I’m down here in the HELC and I know NO ONE!  This is such a rarity.  I mean, I used to dread coming down here, not because I hate the facilities; far from it, cause the HELC has some pretty kick ass stuff.  No…I used to hate coming down here because I would never get anything done.  I’d see tons of people and would stay for hours just chatting it up.  It was like the after party for the JBK.  Everyone would end up coming over here at night to study and what not, so you’d see everyone.

 Tonight it is just as busy as it used to be; however, my circle of friends has grown smaller now that I am a senior.  Everyone I used to hang out with has since graduated, and the ones I do hang out with now were never down here to begin with.   It’s kind of bittersweet I guess.  There are tons of fresh faces here at WT who will soon be in the same boat as me, so that’s a good thing.  It’s just a bummer because it is the realization that I am about to have to leave to enter the real world.   SCARY!!!!! 

 Well, I guess I have rambled enough for tonight.  Back to the task at hand, print off my stuff and go study. 

 Good Night and Good Luck {on finals.}


ice, ice, baby…

winter is HERE!  I woke up this morning to a world slathered in ice.  church was canceled, and I’m all comfy by my computer, finishing up some studying for my last final tomorrow.  yay neuroscience…  maybe it will be too icy to go to school and the professor will give us ALL automatic A’s.  haha.

last weekend was amazing…  we had the Renaissance Festival on campus, and all of us chamber singers put on our furry, lacy, poufy medieval costumes and performed at the feast.  the guys’ costumes were the funniest — they had to wear tights (after they figured out how to put them on!) and knee-pants.  anyway, we sang songs about boar’s heads, wassail, geese, and all sorts of other foods that we never eat any more, and we got to eat that food, too.  my favorite was the figgy pudding and the wassail.  That weekend we also had the annual Carol of the Lights — WT students, faculty, and people from the Canyon community gathered around the new buffalo statue to sing Christmas carols and see Dr. O’Brien turn on all the Christmas lights — and our huge Christmas concert, where there was standing room only.  man, it was a great weekend; I’m telling you, if I wasn’t studying biology, I’d be a music major. 🙂

gotta go finish studying, and then do some work for my India class.  I leave for New Delhi in 24 days!

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everyone knows i’m in over my head…

Wow…only three more class days.  This is a bittersweet time of the semester.  Yeah…we’re done with classes.  {thank goodness} However, it is crunch time to finish all the papers, assignments, and to study for the finals that are quickly approaching.    Stress  My advice,  don’t stress too much.  Sure, it’s hard not to when it seems you are quickly getting buried in schoolwork.  Just keep in mind that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that these last few assignments and test will not make or break your grade; there have been other assignments and test all year that will be calculated into your final grade.  So really, though it may be a stressful time, it’s not as bad as it seems.   ….OK, now that I have psyched myself for this week, I hope you have a great one and try to listen to my advice.  Don’t get too caught up in it all.  It’s almost over! -wes p.s. – Notice the maroon wall?  I have recently moved into new digs.  Student Affairs and the Student Government offices have moved into a pretty rockin’ new suite.  I lost a window, but I gained a maroon wall.