Hey everybody, I’m Jon!

I’m from Plano, Texas, I went to high school at The Dallas Jesuit College Preparatory School. I am currently a freshman at West Texas A&M. My current major at the moment, if i don’t change my mind in the next few years is International Business with a minor in mass communications advertising/public relations.  I am involved with the Kappa Alpha fraternity on campus, I am a pledge at the moment. When i am not in class I’m either playing intramural flag football on the Kappa Alpha team (or any other intramural team KA has), working out or playing racquet ball in the AC, hanging out in the JBK, doing homework in the HELC, or just chilling out in my friends’ dorms or houses. Im a very sarcastic person, and I see the fun in everything. I  love to hang out with my friends and I’m always down to have a good time. Meeting new people is my forte. If anything changes y’all will be the first to know!

I don’t pick to many Universities , but when I do, I prefer West Texas A&M.

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