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Back Seat Driving

I once heard faith being described as driving at 100 mph in dense fog, with little to no sight.

Honestly, I love the idea of faith… Putting complete trust in God is simply beautiful. Giving up the wheel to your life and sitting in the passenger seat while God steers sounds so relaxing.

Yet, why do we find ourselves trying to take over?

Biblical advice? Trust God. He has everything under control. He might speed up or slow down, take another route unexpectedly or swerve to dodge an obstacle in the road. Don’t worry. God is the best driver and you wouldn’t want anybody else driving your car… Especially you.

So enjoy the ride from the passenger seat where you can sit back and relax while God does the hard part.

Let go of the wheel and let God drive… And don’t be a back seat driver.

Embrace Change

Change is scary.

Life will never be the same again.

You’re taken by surprise.

The empty void implies hardship.

So, in general, change is avoided.



Change is exciting.

You get to redirect your path in life.

Life without surprises would be boring.

The empty void gets to be filled with a new “something”.-(If the void was “meant to be”, then it wouldn’t be empty in the first place.”)

So, embrace any and all changes that come your way.


Befriend a person you wouldn’t normally.

Take a random class you don’t need.

Listen to different music than you normally do.

Read a book, not from your favorite genre section at B&N.

Paint your nails a weird color.

Choose a different path to run.

Order a different meal from your favorite restaurant.

Text somebody you don’t ever talk to.

No, scratch that. Don’t text them. Just call them.

Try out a new venue to hang out at.

Watch a cartoon movie.

Move your reading spot. Read outside in the yard on a blanket.

Whatever it is that you usually don’t do, DO IT. And whatever it is that you usually do, DON’T DO IT.

Change life up because change is beautiful and life needs a little sprucing up.



Letting Go

Let’s face it.

There are things that we have hoarded up in our lives.

Ideas… People… Books… (Okay maybe it’s just me on the last one.)


The issue is that these things may not always be good for us.

We all have ideas that are stale, preventing a fresh look on life.

Or people that weigh us down, keeping us from growing.

We have to let go of them.


When we keep hanging on, it’s like failing to let go of the ski rope after you’ve fallen.

Just because you’ve fallen doesn’t mean that life stops.

The boat keeps traveling, at the same speed, while you’re being drug behind.

All because you refuse to let go.


My point is that nothing in this life is permanent.

Everything is temporary.

That’s just the way that God designed life.


I know letting go is scary.

The fear of the unknown hangs over you, clouding your perception.

However, looking up and seeing the boat turning around to come save you, there isn’t any better feeling.

Pushing Self

Let’s face it, we’re lazy.

Bare minimum, that’s our motto.

We do just enough to get by.


We’re still getting things “done”.

So what’s the harm?

The harm is we’re robbing ourselves.


We need to get out there and exercise. Exercise…

Our souls.

Our brains.

Our bodies.


What are we doing to lift our spiritual muscles?

Much like our physical bodies, our spiritual ones can experience atrophy.

Pray. Read your bible. Follow Him.

Never be afraid to share Him with others.


Apply yourself at school.

Do your homework.

Make real-life applications.

What’s the point of getting an education if you’re so busy going through the motions that you’re missing the most important point: learning.


Do your body a favor: work out.

We get busy, I understand.

But just because you’re too busy to work out doesn’t mean that cellulite isn’t too busy to take up residence in your body.

Out of shape? Body aching? Its not pain. Its your body is thanking you for finally getting active. Trust me.


Don’t just get by.

Live life.

Push yourself.


P.S. If you look closely enough… You can see hints of poetry.

a englush mayjure’s dissapointmint

Hello old friend.

Ouch. To read the title makes every part of my being hurt. It wasn’t easy butchering the English language, which I love so dearly, on purpose. So I had to think… really hard. Yet, for the sake of this blog and it’s meaning, I realize that the title is complete in it’s incompleteness.

On one of my “short” breaks while hoeing cotton this afternoon, I was scanning my news feed on Facebook. While doing so, I stumbled upon an interesting trail where one page lead me to another, all of which had to do with writing of course. After scrolling through a few posts, a particular graphic caught my eye.

Word Counts - Writers

After reading the accompanying article, a strange cloud hovered over me. Yes, I have been ashamed and disappointed with my lack of blogging as of late. However, this article really hit home. Until today, I had lost my incentive to write. However, I am a changed girl!

Back to the article…

The main point was to write and to write daily.

I, as a farmer, can go out and plant seed. However, I must go out everyday to check up on the crop as well as I must water and fertilize it. I can’t just expect to plant seed and then expect a crop in the fall without the water and fertilizer. To get the seed to germinate and grow to produce a high yield takes daily care and work.

That through writing daily, writers and their ability are much like the farmer and that field full of cotton. If I ever have any intentions of becoming a writer and an author, I must write, write, write. Even if it isn’t good and it doesn’t make sense. My hands, in the sense of typing, and my mind must be at one. I want to be able to just sit down and write without having a writer’s block.

So, write daily I must.

5 Things That Every Farm Girl Should Know

tractor sihloette_01

1. Pray.

-Every farmer knows that you do more good kneeling down on your knees than sitting in the seat of the tractor. No matter how many hours you spend driving the tractor, it won’t do you a lick of good if you don’t talk to the man upstairs.

2. Be Flexible.

-We can’t control what life throws at us. Whether it be a hail storm or a drought, life tends to have a mind of its own. No matter how hard we cross our fingers or dance a “rain dance”, we don’t always get what we want. So, we must be flexible… We must be able to work with whatever life gives us.

3. Be a Handy WOman.

-If you’re a farmer, you have a toolbox. Its just understood. When the sprinkler is stuck, a gearbox is broken, a screw is missing… you need your tools handy. In life, you have to be prepared to grab your “tools” and go to fixing whatever it is that needs fixing. When you leave something broken, it only gets worse and you end up with a bigger mess.

4. Work the Ground.

-Our hearts are like a field. If we leave it unattended, weeds will begin to seed and grow. You have to maintain “the ground” to optimize your yields.

5. Be passionate.

– “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

Group Projects

During my three years at college, I have had my fair share of group projects. Some were good, some were bad, and some were just down right ugly. I’ve done group projects over animal slaughter, a client campaign for AQHA, animal compost, the water cycle, social media in agriculture, and the list goes on. So out of all of my experience gained from my group projects, here are a few words of wisdom:

1. Pick your group members wisely. Yes, I know that some teachers don’t let you get to choose who you work with. If that is the case, make the best of it and pray for the best. However, if you are lucky enough to get to choose your own fate, make sure you make a wise decision!

2. Don’t wait till the last minute. When teachers assign projects/presentations that are due months later, don’t procrastinate. What may seem like is forever away winds up being the night before the project is due.

3. Be prepared. It’s better to be over prepared than not prepared enough. There is no worse feeling in the world than to be standing in front of your teacher(s), classmates, potential employers unprepared.

4. Look nice. Dress pants and a skirt look better than holey jeans and flipflops. It’s better to be overdressed than not dressed up enough.

5. Don’t panic/stress out. Breathe in, breathe out. Get lots of sleep the night before you present your project. Don’t panic. You’ll do just fine. 🙂