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Parking Wars

Attention WT students: a new parking lot is coming to WT!

For graduating students this may not be such am exciting thing, but for upcoming and current students this should be good news! While this new parking lot may not make everyone park directly in front of  your class, it will mean the new dorms students will have a place to park instead of an overcrowding of other parking lots.

While parking isn’t ever going to be perfect no matter where you are, this seems like a good solution to the new dorm. they’d they started to build the new dorm behind Cross and Jones and that back parking lot was no longer a parking lot, it worried some. Why would you take a very used parking lot and build a dorm? WT is expanding and that’s a great thing! So when I heard this news this morning I was very happy to hear it!


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SI Sessions & Tutoring

One of the great things WT has to offer is SI sessions! In difficult classes its always good to have a little extra assistance. Students just like us hold group sessions where any student in the class can get help and they can reteach what you didn’t understand in class. They do their best to pick times so that everyone can attend, but of course that’s not always possible.

I’m taking physics right now and all of the SI times are during other classes of mine, so I signed up for a tutor. In the past I’ve had tutors and it helped me tremendously! Asking for help is not a crime and is recommended and encouraged at WT. Don’t be ashamed of something you don’t understand because more than likely you are not the only one that needs help with it. Tutoring at WT is free so take advantage of the resources that are presented in front of you and if you need help don’t wait until the last month of the semester. Get help early and don’t give up on it.

Studying Is Beginning To Change

As tests roll around, mostly everyone is staying up all night and studying until they can’t stay awake. If you’re like me, you’re trying to get organized and get your thoughts together and information together. As I was studying for a previous exam, I noticed an email in my WTClass email. A classmate of mine had sent all of us information about this new website/app that made notecards very easy on the computer and you could study anywhere you wanted with the free app on your phone. Desperate for something new, I decided why not try it. And now I LOVE it! It’s called StudyBlue and here are some benefits I found from it:

1) It’s a lot faster to type than to write out words on note cards. On StudyBlue, you can easily make lots of notecards very quickly.

2) After you type the term on the notecard, StudyBlue pulls up any card throughout the website with the same name. It’s easy to share and find more information about it.

3) You can post pictures along with the notecard. As a Biology major, we have lots of diagrams and pictures so it’s easy to put on a notecard.

4) When you sign up online, it asks you what school you attend. After you put in West Texas A&M University, you can join your class if other classmates are on it and share notecards! If it doesn’t have your class on there, make your own and spread the news!!!

5) You can take it on the go with you and study wherever you are!

6) It makes quizzes and review sheets for you, so if you want to test your knowledge take a quiz! You can also print whatever you want from it so it’s super easy.

As you can see, I really love this new study tool! I’m excited to start using it and am trying to get the word out to other classmates. Technology has taken over!

It’s that season again..

Fall is here and with that also means:

– allergies

– flu

– colds


If you’re like me, allergies can be overwhelming sometimes. On Monday, I had a really bad allergic reaction to something and instead of trying to get an appointment with my doctor, I was able to get into Student Medical Services right away. It’s really professional and very helpful for everything you need. Even the simple stuff. We pay for it, so why not use it? They help out and give you the necessary treatment and if they can’t help they will send you where you need to go.

Student Medical Services also offers:

– Immunizations

– First Aid Classes and CPR Classes (which is free to students)

– Cold packs

& that’s just to name a few things! For more info visit this site:

Always take care of your health!

Record Enrollment At WTAMU

This year at WT, we have set record enrollment!! The last record was set in 1970 at 7,935 students and for this fall semester we are at 7,958 students. Hopefully this is just the beginning and our enrollment keeps increasing. Let me give you some reasons why WT is the BEST choice:

1) Small Town Environment: WT is located in Canyon, Texas. It’s a relatively small town and it’s only 15 minutes from Amarillo. So instead of all the traffic in a big town, you can just drive down the street to campus 🙂

2) CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! We are one of the cheapest universities in Texas! How can you pass that up?

3) Great faculty: All of the professors are very willing to sit down and help you. They set office hours and will even schedule appointments if you can’t make it during their office hours.

4) Beautiful Campus: I absolutely love the campus! It’s always very well taken care of.

These are just a few reasons, but trust me there are sooo many reasons to come!

Here’s the news article about WT’s record enrollment:

The Joys of Being A Biology Major..

I absolutely love my major. I am a Biology/Pre-Physical therapy major so the majority of the classes I take have to do with the human body. But every now and then I take a class that has to do with the human body plus other species. Let me tell you about the last couple of weeks…

One of my classes, we are having to handle fruit flies. They are fascinating little bugs I must say. I am not scared of bugs, well unless they can bite or they are spiders (eww), but when you handle bugs you go on the rest of the day feeling as if one might have escaped with you (very unlikely but I tend to freak myself out haha). Well the last couple of weeks we have been mixing different type of fruit flies to make offspring, we come back the next week and my groups flies had died and didn’t have any offspring (or so we thought). This week there were SO many larvae and pupae. I’m not ashamed to say that I was a little excited. But then we had to take a fly and kill him to get his DNA.

So while I hope to be a physical therapists in the future, taking all these really cool classes is fun. Getting the opportunity to learn everything we possibly want to know about Biology is awesome in my opinion. So when it comes to choosing a major, choose something that you are going to love and be passionate about because being able to enjoy your classes will help you be more successful. They are going to be times where you have to take something that you might not like very well, but it’s just one step closer to studying exactly what you want.

It’s That Time Of Year Again…

Every semester greenlighting sneaks up on all of us. We are all so busy with school, work, and/or extracurricular activities that advising becomes a last minute thing. For those of you who don’t know, greenlighting is the time of the semester that you go see an advisor. For most of us, it’s a professor that we take a lot of classes with and one that knows a lot about our majors, but for others that may not be the case. As freshmen, your advisor is usually someone assigned to you at the Student Success Center. As you get further on in your schooling, or when you become a sophomore the student success center assignes a specific professor that you see every semester when it comes time to sort out your schedule. Some degree plans have a set course of what you need to take every semester. For other degree plans it’s taking a certain number of credit hours in your major. For students looking to go to professional schools or graduate schools it’s making sure you fit in prerequisites for that certain school(s) that you are looking to apply to a long with getting a certain number of credit hours. A lot has to be considered and your advisor is there to see you through. They are there any time, not just when it’s greenlighting time, to help you with any questions you may be having. If you can’t decide on a class and want a second opinion don’t hesitate to see you advisor. That’s why they are here.

One of the benefits of getting greenlighted before registration is that you can’t register if you haven’t been greenlighted by your advisor. Most of the classes I need to take this semester only accept a handful of students in the class. One of the classes I need only allows 8 students this semester. So registering as soon as possible is a must in my handbook. As for freshmen and sophomores, it’s not that big of a deal because basics and general classes usually allow for a larger number of students to sign up for the class. So make sure you get GREENLIGHTED as soon as you can!