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Another Spring Break Please?

Hey there everybody… again! Sorry its been a while, but from midterms to spring break I have not had too much spare time to talk to everyone. I sure hope everyone had a fun and safe spring break, I know I did. But coming back from the ocean and sea breeze, to Canyon Texas was a shocking reminder… half the semester is gone, which means next year I will be a sophomore! Although these next few weeks are sure gonna be tough, but as any college student will most likely… well will HOPEFULLY tell you is that all you need to do is stay focused and stay on top of all your classes without getting behind. Although on campus we are about to go under the “21 Days of Change” which will be very interesting since the rep from TOMs shoes is coming to WT and we are going to have a no shoe day. Although spring break is a time of rest from school, you get pretty much get no rest, like me. My buddy and I drove a total of 2,174 Miles in the entirety of our break. Was it fun? Yes. Tiring? Very much so. WE went to Port Aransas with some other friends and had a blast. ONe of the people that came with us was a local so we had a free place to stay and free food pretty much. Since we are all college kids free stuff is a gimme. The entire trip was such a great experience and we met so many great new people, it will be an experience im glad happened! On a final note, everyone keep up the good work and I will talk to y’all later.

You Stay Classy WT.

Finally a break from the Arctic chill

Hey everybody, just checking to see how every one’s February is going. Cause mine is going phenomenally, first of all I got the privilege to start my month with my birthday (which was awesome). A bunch of friends and myself went to Amarillo to eat at my favorite restaurant called Kabuki. It’s pretty much those Japanese places where they cook in front of you AND they serve sushi, it was too expensive for us college kids, but it was a good break from the cafeteria and Taco Bell. Then I was given the privilege to go out to Washington D.C. and volunteer at a conference where I meet politicians such as Ron Paul, Rick Perry, and Allen West. It was really cool hearing Donald Trump Speak there too, for being a businessman he can bring on a really powerful speech. The thing I will miss the most is all my fellow volunteers who were also college students, we all became close friends and I hope so see ALL of them next year. Although coming back from DC meant myself having of catch-up work to do, it was followed by Valentines Day. I would have to say that this Valentines Day was by far the best ones I have had yet, I took my really good friend Addie out to dinner and a movie, but to my surprise the whole night is that she had never had a valentine before which really made want to make it a good one for her. But that’s all for now folks and i’ll talk to you later!

All the my fellow volunteers from the conference, I'm gonna miss them!!



Colder than Alaska??

As pretty much anyone in the Canyon/Amarillo area may know, that the weather is in the single digits, but the windchill puts the temperature around the -20’s. Woo Hoo! I’ve put on so many layers, that I felt like Ralphie’s little brother from “The Christmas Story” who couldn’t put his arms down. Anyways I was a little curious during lunch and I decided to look up the temperatures in Alaska… Needless to say its 32 degrees there and 1 degree here. This is probably one of the worst ways to start off the spring semester, although some very important events are coming up around WT, such as WRESTLE MANIA at the First United Bank Center(You can guarantee that I will buy tickets and be the guy yelling at the wrestlers when they walk down that little isle thing towards the ring.), fraternity rush week, and a blood drive that is happening now so go donate! I will be in Washington DC next week and I will be sure to keep you updated on that whole adventure. But if only classes would get cancelled I’m pretty sure the entire school would be ecstatic. So everyone, hope for more snow, bundle up, and for now.. go to class!

The end of a good year

I can’t believe that this year is coming to an end! All I can say is 2010 was a roller coaster for me. I had my ups and downs, but hey Live and Learn cause it sure helps learning from your mistakes. Either way, my first semester of college was a blast, I made friends, got involved on campus and the community, but most importantly I stayed on top of my grades. The holiday break is a much needed rest but I definitely miss all my WT peeps! But if 2011 is even half as entertaining as 2010 was… I say, bring it on! Happy new years everyone!


Season of Giving

On my typical Tuesday, I was done with classes around noon, which is the best feeling ever by the way. Well I didn’t have much to do that day, so when I was just hanging out in the JBK my friend and fraternity brother Hagen called me and asked me to help him move, I said ‘yes’ and although it took a while and used a lot of my gas, it was worth it, cause we all know it IS tis’ the season! But on Tuesday night we did the usual Kappa Alpha helping hand at the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project. Needless to say they weren’t short on help that day which was good because it gave the brothers and I time to organize supply closets for Eveline, but just starting to think of delivery day when we get to give the gifts to the families and see the  looks on their faces… it will be more than worth all the hard work. But how ’bout them finals coming up?? Yeah, I thought so… Until next time!

Picture of Eveline Rivers though

Extra Credit. Extra Credit. Extra Credit.

This Thursday night my history teacher for 1301 offered extra credit to her students if they attend a history lecture called, “Remnant Trust Exhibit Special Lecture: “Documenting Dignity and Freedom”” It talked about the magna carta, federalist papers, emancipation proclamation, and few other historic documents. It was pretty interesting because it related to the topics I was learning about in class, even though I was mainly there for the extra credit. But what I want to stress most to y’all is, no matter how good you are doing in your class, if there is extra credit, TAKE IT! All it can do is help. And earlier this week I went to a pot luck dinner when a priest described his mission trip in the congo. He had a slide show and everything, it was quite moving, because as living in America, we do not realize how good we have it compared to the other countries in this world. But as of now, remember: Extra Credit, and GO BUFFS!

Monday night madness

Well tonight in the Fine Arts Complex at WT, there was a “concert” called, One Sessions at The Live Lounge (AKA at the AT&T High Definition Studio) It was hosted buy WT’s Radio Station “The one 91.1 KWTS”. It had an amazing lineup and it consisted of three bands from the panhandle area, it had Tori Vasquez, Joel Vaughan, and Archimedes, Watch out! . Each artist had something very different to bring to the stage tonight, and I would explain more, but it would take up this whole post. But this week is going to be a busy one folks, but it’s important for us college students to be involved and having a hefty workload, because let’s face it, we have too much free time as it is, so let’s try and use it productively. But anyways, this last weekend was a blast, with Kappa Alpha’s fall formal, and the Viking’s finally getting a win, besides the fact the Buffs lost to ACU. But theres always the Division 2 playoffs! So remember do your homework, eat your veggies and get involved. Talk to y’all later!

But here is a picture of Joel Vaughan preforming at the Live Lounge tonight