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Faculty Grand Recital This Friday!

One of the great things about being a college student is that you have so many opportunities given to you for free!  You do pay for them in your tuition and fees, but you don’t have to worry about paying for anything the whole time you are at WT.  We all basically have gym memberships and can workout on good equipment any time we want! We can go to so many different sports events without buying tickets!  I’m graduating next May and I’m already bummed that I’m gonna have to start paying for this stuff.  One of my favorites is our Fine Arts department.  I love plays.  And it’s great that I can see all of the plays during the semester without checking my bank account first.  And I do love going to recitals.  I played the piano when I was younger and dreamed of being able to play the way some of these WT students do.  It really is wonderful!  If you haven’t been to a recital, you should consider it!  So many of WT’s students are extremely talented and they show it off at the recitals.  This Friday is a special recital.  It’s the Faculty Grand Recital.  So, you’ll actually get to see some of WT’s faculty show off their skills! You can find out more about it here



First off, let me say, it snowed last night and I didn’t sled… But I it was a rough day and I was a little preoccupied! Next time!

Now on to today’s topic.  This week laws banning cell phone use went into effect in Amarillo.  They have already been in effect in canyon, but it affects more people in Amarillo so there has been more talk about it.  I know plenty of people who talk, text, tweet, play games, etc…. while they drive and they are still alive!  But I know that when I have ever attempted a simple text, after two letters I look up and I’m NOT where I’m supposed to be.  So I don’t risk it.  When I was in high school, Alex Brown died.  She was a teenager from Seagraves.  You may have seen the Extreme Home Makeover episode about her family.  She was in one of my ITV classes and she wen to mascot camp with one of my very close friends.  I lived over 100 miles away from her and she was still a part of my life, so it’s hard for me to think what her close friends went through.  She was texting one day on her way to school, while speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.. and it took her life.  Living in rural Texas, when a teenager dies, it hits every school in the area, hard.  Her parents decided to use her accident to help others.  They went from school to school in the area and have gone to so many across the nation to educate teenagers on the dangers of texting and driving.  When they came to our school, I pledged to NOT Text and Drive.  I urge you to do the same.  One of my best friends was texting and driving while speeding on a back road with her headlights OFF, she ended up going into a ditch and rolling her car multiple times before hitting a tree.  God was holding her tight because she came out with a few bruises and that’s all.  I’m so thankful she is alive today.

But I want you to think about what could happen to OTHERS if you are texting and driving.  I’ve been on the road multiple times and a car has swerved into my lane. When I passed them, they had their phone in their hands.. What if I had been right next to them?  We BOTH could have died.  So I would like to ask you to think about what you could do to another person if you text and drive.

Like I said, some people are better at it than I am, and it’s your choice if you choose to text and drive or not.  But these laws are coming into place for a reason.  Too many people are dying because we don’t have the patience to wait to check our phones or to reply to a text.  I URGE you to think about this.

Remember Alex Brown.

“Nothing goes better with a Fresh Snowfall than Sledding…” I wouldn’t know.

So even though it was in the 70s everyday until we left for Christmas break, it did actually cool down enough to snow a few times before school started back up.  So what are some fun activities you do in the snow? Snow angel? Check.  Snowman? Check.  Snow Ice cream? Check.  Igloo? Check-ish.. I’ve done or attempted all of these things in the past… But one major activity that I haven’t EVER done is SLED! And I’m talking really sled.  I’ve done the redneck version (where you are pulled by a four-wheeler on spare metal) multiple times.. But I’ve never actually been on a sled or even slid down a hill on anything in the snow.  I guess that’s the perks of living in the Texas Panhandle your whole life… But I have heard rumors…  About a time when students would take the mattresses out of their dorms to Kimbrough Stadium and slide down that ginormous hill Now that sounds like a great day to me!  I’ve even heard of people lately trying to get in.  But, I don’t know if I believe these stories because they always end up with  the cops being there or something.. I don’t personally know anyone that has actually done it.. Snuck into Kimbrough stadium and sledded down the hill.  I’m not encouraging it.. I don’t know what kind of trouble you could get into for doing that… But I think it should be allowed! Anyways outside of dreamland… I’m gonna make it a goal… NEXT time it snows (which could be December.. or next year… either way!) I’m gonna find a hill and I’m gonna sled. Anyone know of any good hills for this???


Holiday Shopping

Did you go shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?  I’m too scared to do it.  I purposely waited until Sunday to go to Walmart to buy mascara!  I understand wanting to get the deals.  My husband and I seriously considered going to Walmart on Friday to get an Ipad for $200 off.  But it’s the people that are super serious and kinda scary that kept us away!  I watch Good Morning America every morning, and yesterday they showed a huge fight at Walmart over a tv.   And they said that at least one person died… Isn’t that crazy?  I can’t imagine it!  Although I don’t like shopping Black Friday weekend, I do love shopping around Christmas.  It’s crowded and cold, but the Christmas spirit is amazing!  My mom however gets her shopping all done before Thanksgiving so she doesn’t have to deal with the long lines and people.  If you are like her, and don’t want to go to the mall to do your Christmas shopping, but still need to buy a few gifts, check out our WTAMU bookstore!  I was in there yesterday and found a WT domino set, playing cards, drinking glasses, and they have a new Under Armor section that is really nice! You’d be surprised what you can find in there!

Don’t give up!

It’s that time of year… Nobody is showing up to class.. The people that are showing up are all late… There’s NO motivation! All the other colleges have had Fall Break by now or are having it next week for Thanksgiving.. and We have class until Wednesday at noon.. The day before Thanksgiving.  It really stinks.. We all just want to enjoy the holidays and have a BREAK from school… So what can you do to get motivated???

One thing – Look on the bright side… 1 week until Thanksgiving break.. Although it’s not a long break it is at least something to look forward to!  Then, less than a month until Christmas break!! And if you are a freshman and haven’t experienced a college Christmas break yet, let me tell you.. They rock!  Our break is about a month long!  Compared to two weeks in high school its amazing!  So when you don’t want to go to class tomorrow morning, just remind yourself that soon you will have a whole month of sleeping in.. So get up and go!

Another way to beat the blues… If you are a twilight fan, take a day this weekend to throw all studies out the window!  Don’t worry, you can do this every once in a while and not flunk out.. Anyways, throw your studies out the window one day this weekend and go see the new Breaking Dawn!  It’s the last one, so make a day of it!  Make a tshirt, eat out, get some friends to go with you and then get some coffee afterwards!  Your mind will appreciate the break from school (:

One more way to make it through this last bit of the semester… NAPS.  It’s been proven that a 30 minute nap during the day increases productivity!  I don’t have any 1 O’clock classes, so every day after lunch I take a 30 minute nap.. When I don’t, I can definitely tell the difference in my motivation level.. So try to set a time each day and make it a priority to take a SHORT nap!

You can do it!  We are so close to the holidays but it’s still important to focus on school!  Right now you can either make the grade or break the grade!

Ostrich Pillow recently featured on Good Morning America, made especially for Power naps.  Learn more at

Obama – Round 2

As I’m sure you have all seen on your bombarded News Feeds, Barack Obama is still our president.  I know some of you are happy and some really bummed, but I have to say that my News Feed makes me sick right now.  There are so many people being hateful about the results of this election.

I think that sometimes we (normal people) think that celebrities and politicians aren’t real people.  We can’t grasp the fact that they are just a human being like all of us.. so it’s almost like they are imaginary. . We also think this makes it alright to talk trash about them all the time.  Look at what the paparazzi say about celebrities!  It’s hardly ever nice.. So I want to challenge you, to imagine that you catch a break and become famous.. Imagine how you would feel if you were constantly criticized the way so many celebrities are.. Now what if you became president… and people were saying the same things about you that they are Obama… I would  go see a therapist, cry alot, and probably have some serious depression issues!

I’m not saying we have to agree with all of his decisions… AT ALL.  But let’s try to be a little mature about this and treat him like another human being.  This is his second and last chance… that’s all there is too it.  You can look at this with disgust and have a bad attitude for the next four years, you can not care and ignore politics the next four years, or you can keep your chin up and hope for the best.  I challenge you to think of him as a person.. He came pretty close to losing.. It was a close race!  And I’m pretty sure that he realizes as well that this is his second chance and that he better get some business taken care of…

Just some thoughts…

Be Creative

Being a Science major, everything is very by the book.  With all the studying I do of laws and theories, it’s very easy to lose my creativity.  I find myself thinking of all things as black or white.. When I doodle in my notes, it’s never cute.. It’s always just like cursive writing or something boring.  So lately, I’ve been trying to rediscover my creative side.  I found a chart of 29 ways to stay creative.. It’s really been helping!  But then comes the question, if I’m always studying and preparing for school, how often do I get the chance to be creative?  At WT, ALL the time!  This week their was a pumpkin carving contest! I also went to a Pinterest Party at Shirley Hall tonight! There were all kinds of crafts that could be made with the objects they had available! The residence halls are always have crafty programs. Also, many groups are looking for people who are artsy to help out with advertising.  If you are needing some inspiration for your artistic side, next week there is a Trombone Choir Recital, a Wind Ensemble Recital, a Horn Choir Recital, and the WTAMU production of Iphigenia 2.0.  Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in school.  And, yes, that is what we are here for, but remember that it’s okay to be a little artsy every once in a while and use the other side of your brain!  It’s actually good for you! So go to the events that WT offers for you!  They are free!!! Trust me it’s always fun!