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Back Seat Driving

I once heard faith being described as driving at 100 mph in dense fog, with little to no sight.

Honestly, I love the idea of faith… Putting complete trust in God is simply beautiful. Giving up the wheel to your life and sitting in the passenger seat while God steers sounds so relaxing.

Yet, why do we find ourselves trying to take over?

Biblical advice? Trust God. He has everything under control. He might speed up or slow down, take another route unexpectedly or swerve to dodge an obstacle in the road. Don’t worry. God is the best driver and you wouldn’t want anybody else driving your car… Especially you.

So enjoy the ride from the passenger seat where you can sit back and relax while God does the hard part.

Let go of the wheel and let God drive… And don’t be a back seat driver.

Embrace Change

Change is scary.

Life will never be the same again.

You’re taken by surprise.

The empty void implies hardship.

So, in general, change is avoided.



Change is exciting.

You get to redirect your path in life.

Life without surprises would be boring.

The empty void gets to be filled with a new “something”.-(If the void was “meant to be”, then it wouldn’t be empty in the first place.”)

So, embrace any and all changes that come your way.


Befriend a person you wouldn’t normally.

Take a random class you don’t need.

Listen to different music than you normally do.

Read a book, not from your favorite genre section at B&N.

Paint your nails a weird color.

Choose a different path to run.

Order a different meal from your favorite restaurant.

Text somebody you don’t ever talk to.

No, scratch that. Don’t text them. Just call them.

Try out a new venue to hang out at.

Watch a cartoon movie.

Move your reading spot. Read outside in the yard on a blanket.

Whatever it is that you usually don’t do, DO IT. And whatever it is that you usually do, DON’T DO IT.

Change life up because change is beautiful and life needs a little sprucing up.