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Keep Calm and… No, Seriously. Keep Calm!

There are officially 42 days left till Christmas break.


Can I get an amen?



42 days sounds like forever away.

But… it’s not.


So what does that mean?

Get your homework done, your essays written, and study for your tests.


Students, if you think you’re stressed out, imagine what your teachers are feeling like.

Chances are, they are teaching more than one class with roughly 20-130 students… per class.

That’s a lot.


Teachers, you know your students are stressed.

You can see it on their faces, in their homework and by the face that they are either dozing off during class or they simply don’t come.



So, give each other a break and just breathe!

Keep calm and learn on!

Just remember there are 42 days till Christmas break!

Letting Go

Let’s face it.

There are things that we have hoarded up in our lives.

Ideas… People… Books… (Okay maybe it’s just me on the last one.)


The issue is that these things may not always be good for us.

We all have ideas that are stale, preventing a fresh look on life.

Or people that weigh us down, keeping us from growing.

We have to let go of them.


When we keep hanging on, it’s like failing to let go of the ski rope after you’ve fallen.

Just because you’ve fallen doesn’t mean that life stops.

The boat keeps traveling, at the same speed, while you’re being drug behind.

All because you refuse to let go.


My point is that nothing in this life is permanent.

Everything is temporary.

That’s just the way that God designed life.


I know letting go is scary.

The fear of the unknown hangs over you, clouding your perception.

However, looking up and seeing the boat turning around to come save you, there isn’t any better feeling.