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Pushing Self

Let’s face it, we’re lazy.

Bare minimum, that’s our motto.

We do just enough to get by.


We’re still getting things “done”.

So what’s the harm?

The harm is we’re robbing ourselves.


We need to get out there and exercise. Exercise…

Our souls.

Our brains.

Our bodies.


What are we doing to lift our spiritual muscles?

Much like our physical bodies, our spiritual ones can experience atrophy.

Pray. Read your bible. Follow Him.

Never be afraid to share Him with others.


Apply yourself at school.

Do your homework.

Make real-life applications.

What’s the point of getting an education if you’re so busy going through the motions that you’re missing the most important point: learning.


Do your body a favor: work out.

We get busy, I understand.

But just because you’re too busy to work out doesn’t mean that cellulite isn’t too busy to take up residence in your body.

Out of shape? Body aching? Its not pain. Its your body is thanking you for finally getting active. Trust me.


Don’t just get by.

Live life.

Push yourself.


P.S. If you look closely enough… You can see hints of poetry.

Kid President

You know all things are right in the world when you watch Kid President on the first day of class.

He’s simply… inspiring.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch for yourself.


School has been in session for a few weeks now. Homework is beginning to pile up. Tests are beginning to start. Free time is not so “free” anymore. Stress is beginning to take it’s toll.

When you feel like you’re about to burst… Or that you can’t deal with all the things that life is throwing at you, stop and watch Kid President.


“It’s time to be more awesome.” -Kid President