Adventures of the Folklore Four

College isn’t complete without a road trip. Period.

With the closing of summer, the Folklore Four decided to embark on a journey to Apsley Alpines in Colorado.

Meet the Folklore Four:


Jayce Jane Apsley
(Top left)
She is your average Jane. Reigning from a ranch in Southeast Kansas, she is a punchy cowboygirl. Yes, cowboygirl. Don’t get confused.

Allison Myers
(Top right)
She’s our token, free-spirited New Mexican. An adventurous, wayfaring, coffee drinker, she’s often recognized by her large green glasses. She has mastered the art of wingin’ it, and most of all, hopes to let His story shine through hers.

Abigail Grace Miller… Me
(Bottom left)
I’m just your book loving, tractor driving free spirit. Rather than see my name in bright lights, I’d take seeing my name printed in ink any day.

Lacey Roberts
(Bottom right)
Our fair-skinned Elfin princess has a talent for photography, which speaks of her passion of capturing the world just as it is… Which is beautiful.

Stay tuned for the adventures of the Folklore Four…

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