a englush mayjure’s dissapointmint

Hello old friend.

Ouch. To read the title makes every part of my being hurt. It wasn’t easy butchering the English language, which I love so dearly, on purpose. So I had to think… really hard. Yet, for the sake of this blog and it’s meaning, I realize that the title is complete in it’s incompleteness.

On one of my “short” breaks while hoeing cotton this afternoon, I was scanning my news feed on Facebook. While doing so, I stumbled upon an interesting trail where one page lead me to another, all of which had to do with writing of course. After scrolling through a few posts, a particular graphic caught my eye.

Word Counts - Writers

After reading the accompanying article, a strange cloud hovered over me. Yes, I have been ashamed and disappointed with my lack of blogging as of late. However, this article really hit home. Until today, I had lost my incentive to write. However, I am a changed girl!

Back to the article…

The main point was to write and to write daily.

I, as a farmer, can go out and plant seed. However, I must go out everyday to check up on the crop as well as I must water and fertilize it. I can’t just expect to plant seed and then expect a crop in the fall without the water and fertilizer. To get the seed to germinate and grow to produce a high yield takes daily care and work.

That through writing daily, writers and their ability are much like the farmer and that field full of cotton. If I ever have any intentions of becoming a writer and an author, I must write, write, write. Even if it isn’t good and it doesn’t make sense. My hands, in the sense of typing, and my mind must be at one. I want to be able to just sit down and write without having a writer’s block.

So, write daily I must.

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