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a englush mayjure’s dissapointmint

Hello old friend.

Ouch. To read the title makes every part of my being hurt. It wasn’t easy butchering the English language, which I love so dearly, on purpose. So I had to think… really hard. Yet, for the sake of this blog and it’s meaning, I realize that the title is complete in it’s incompleteness.

On one of my “short” breaks while hoeing cotton this afternoon, I was scanning my news feed on Facebook. While doing so, I stumbled upon an interesting trail where one page lead me to another, all of which had to do with writing of course. After scrolling through a few posts, a particular graphic caught my eye.

Word Counts - Writers

After reading the accompanying article, a strange cloud hovered over me. Yes, I have been ashamed and disappointed with my lack of blogging as of late. However, this article really hit home. Until today, I had lost my incentive to write. However, I am a changed girl!

Back to the article…

The main point was to write and to write daily.

I, as a farmer, can go out and plant seed. However, I must go out everyday to check up on the crop as well as I must water and fertilize it. I can’t just expect to plant seed and then expect a crop in the fall without the water and fertilizer. To get the seed to germinate and grow to produce a high yield takes daily care and work.

That through writing daily, writers and their ability are much like the farmer and that field full of cotton. If I ever have any intentions of becoming a writer and an author, I must write, write, write. Even if it isn’t good and it doesn’t make sense. My hands, in the sense of typing, and my mind must be at one. I want to be able to just sit down and write without having a writer’s block.

So, write daily I must.

Buffs in Kilts: Up, Up, and Away!

The first step in any trip is getting to your destination. This can take as little as an hour, or up to a whole day. Unfortunately, the trip to Scotland was one that would take a whole day.

We all met at the airport before sunrise on Sunday morning because our flight left at 6:30am. It was the first leg of our journey, and gave us the greatest challenge of the day since the woman checking our passports didn’t quite know what she was doing (perhaps she hadn’t slept at all the night before either). Although we showed up two hours early, it was a slight rush to get everyone though security and to the plane on time. Thankfully all 26 of us made it through and were ready to get on the first of three flights!

The first plane that we flew on was the smallest I had ever ridden on, with only fifty seats total on the flight. A lot of people chose this time to sleep (a good idea since many had, like me, pulled an all-nighter). I was still too excited about the trip to force myself to go to sleep, so I choose to read on the plane instead. I took out a Scottish romance novel (that had been given to me as a gag gift for the trip) and read to set the mood and feel of Scotland.

We landed in Houston, Texas after a short flight. We had a lot of time to kill in the airport before our next flight took off and all needed a way to entertain ourselves. That is when the UNO cards came out and we had a couple of epic games there right in front of our gate. Sadly I didn’t win any of the rounds, but it was a great way to pass the time with fellow classmates and our own faculty members. It kept us busy until we boarded the next flight for the second stage of our journey.

Finally we arrived in Newark, New Jersey. That was the furthest east I had ever been in my life! (Though that would change in just a few hours as we flew across the Atlantic Ocean.) The Newark airport was nice, but we were all reaching the end of excitement rush from earlier in the morning. After a nice walk around the airport, and a little yoga to stretch our tired bodies, we were able to sit and wait a few hours for our next plane. Finally we were on the last plane and on our way over the Atlantic towards Scotland!

By this time it was 9:00 at night, and we all laid back in our seats to try and get a little shut eye before landing in Scotland. It wasn’t easy to sleep on the plane, and many of us were reaching that moment of sleep deprivation where everything becomes funny. The traveling was the most tiring part, but it all became worth it once the plane landed in Scotland. We had finally made it!


Next Time:  Shenanigans in Scotland