First Friday Art Walk

Every month on the first Friday at Sunset Center there is an “Art Walk” Event. On this day all of the galleries are open to the public, food and wine is provided, live music plays throughout the mall, and it’s a fun event for all lovers of art to join in on and view all of the amazing galleries. There is a wide variety of art from paintings, photography, prints, rugs, sculptures, and more. What’s makes this event even better for college students is that WTAMU owns their own gallery at Sunset Center that professors and students are able to display their work and host shows in.

This last Friday two major things happened at WTAMU’s art gallery with a Robot Attack show by the graphic design professor Marcus Melton, and a short film premier by a fellow graphic student.  Anna O’Brian worked with the Killgore Research Center at WT to get a grant and do research to make a film about printmaking in the panhandle. It’s wonderful how film shows upcoming issues in aspects of art, but also displays WTAMU’s own print shop. If you have a little time to kill, do take a look!


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