Extra Extra, Read All About It!

One of the classes that Agricultural Communications and Media majors are required to take is called a “Mass Comm Practicum”. If you’re not sure what a practicum is, all that it pretty much is a class that is based around the campus newspaper (The Prairie), yearbook (Eternal Flame), television station (News One) or radio station (91.1 or “The One”).

Seeing as how I just know that I’m not meant to be a television reporter or a radio broadcaster, I decided to stick with The Prairie.

Although I competed in U.I.L. Journalism in high school, that was 3 years ago and I’m a little rusty! So, as you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about writing journalism again. However, as I was writing my story for this week’s paper, I felt like I was getting back into the swing of things.

So, as I was off doing” mail” for my job at Medical Services, I picked up a copy of the current week’s edition of The Prairie. I wasn’t at all surprised to see my article in the newspaper but I was surprised at how it felt to see my name and my article in the newspaper. I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride seeing it. So, I decided to share it with you.

The Prairie

Not to mention seeing my name as a part of the staff…


If you’d like to go read the article online, the link is:


So if you’re walking around campus and you see a copy of the newspaper, pick it up and check it out!



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