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Captivated by Clubs

Many different clubs and campus organizations have been mentioned blog before. This is for good reasons because being in a club/campus organization is one of the best things to do during your college years. . There are many different advantages in joining a club from making friends to preparing for life after college.  There are many different clubs on campus in different areas of interest. So why should you join a club or campus organization while at WT? Here are three main reasons:

  1. Meet People – By joining an organization on campus you are able to meet different people both on campus and off campus. Organizations are a wonderful way to meet people on campus that are interested in the same thing as you even if you are in different majors. Another advantage is being able to meet people from off campus that in similar organizations. It’s by making these connections that you will benefit in your post college years.
  2. Spend Free Time – Being in an organization gives you a great way to spend your free time. There are many evenings and weekends when I find myself with nothing to do but lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. It’s these moments that being part of club is wonderful because of the extracurricular activities that you are able to take part in either during part of a club meeting or a club activity.
  3. It Looks Good – This may seem a rather superficial reasoning, but being in a club or campus organization looks wonderful on resumes and scholarship applications. Being in a club proves that you are getting involved during your colleges years, and those who are above you enjoy seeing that. Though you may not a leadership position in the club, simply being a part of it is a great plus after you are finished with your college career.


WTAMU Fun Facts: Judging Teams

Interested in being apart of a team at WT? Through the Agricultural Sciences department, students have the opportunity to participate on judging teams such as livestock, horse, meats, and soil and crop judging.

WTAMU judging teams provide students a diversified and challenging experience.  Team members learn problem solving, critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills; make valuable industry contacts, and are exposed to employment opportunities.  Previous judging experience is not required to participate.

Here are some facts about the judging teams:

  • West Texas A&M University has a reputation of having one of the best Horse Judging Teams in the country.
  • Through the livestock judging team, students get the chance to meet the leaders in every given aspect of livestock production and see much of the country during the judging season. In addition to evaluating cattle, swine, sheep, and horses, the team also learns the production schemes behind these segments of the livestock industry
  • With the meats judging team, students evaluate beef, lamb, and pork carcasses and wholesale cuts at many of the nation’s largest meat processing facilities, providing them an in-depth look at the meat industry.
  • The Crop Team identifies economically important crops, weeds, insects, diseases, agronomic equipment and supplies, evaluates quality, and solves related mathematical problems.
  • The Soils Team evaluates soil morphology and site characteristics, and uses this information to determine taxonomic classification and various land use interpretations.

Want to learn more, contact any of the following advisers:

Horse Judging: Dr. John Pipkin at (806) 651-2557

Livestock Judging: Dr. David Lust at (806) 651-2551 or Dr. Kevin Williams at (806) 651-2505

Meats Judging: Dr. Ty Lawrence at (806) 651-2560

Soil and Crop Judging: Brock Blaser at (806) 651-2555



First Friday Art Walk

Every month on the first Friday at Sunset Center there is an “Art Walk” Event. On this day all of the galleries are open to the public, food and wine is provided, live music plays throughout the mall, and it’s a fun event for all lovers of art to join in on and view all of the amazing galleries. There is a wide variety of art from paintings, photography, prints, rugs, sculptures, and more. What’s makes this event even better for college students is that WTAMU owns their own gallery at Sunset Center that professors and students are able to display their work and host shows in.

This last Friday two major things happened at WTAMU’s art gallery with a Robot Attack show by the graphic design professor Marcus Melton, and a short film premier by a fellow graphic student.  Anna O’Brian worked with the Killgore Research Center at WT to get a grant and do research to make a film about printmaking in the panhandle. It’s wonderful how film shows upcoming issues in aspects of art, but also displays WTAMU’s own print shop. If you have a little time to kill, do take a look!


Parking Wars

Attention WT students: a new parking lot is coming to WT!

For graduating students this may not be such am exciting thing, but for upcoming and current students this should be good news! While this new parking lot may not make everyone park directly in front of  your class, it will mean the new dorms students will have a place to park instead of an overcrowding of other parking lots.

While parking isn’t ever going to be perfect no matter where you are, this seems like a good solution to the new dorm. they’d they started to build the new dorm behind Cross and Jones and that back parking lot was no longer a parking lot, it worried some. Why would you take a very used parking lot and build a dorm? WT is expanding and that’s a great thing! So when I heard this news this morning I was very happy to hear it!


Read more at:

Faculty Grand Recital This Friday!

One of the great things about being a college student is that you have so many opportunities given to you for free!  You do pay for them in your tuition and fees, but you don’t have to worry about paying for anything the whole time you are at WT.  We all basically have gym memberships and can workout on good equipment any time we want! We can go to so many different sports events without buying tickets!  I’m graduating next May and I’m already bummed that I’m gonna have to start paying for this stuff.  One of my favorites is our Fine Arts department.  I love plays.  And it’s great that I can see all of the plays during the semester without checking my bank account first.  And I do love going to recitals.  I played the piano when I was younger and dreamed of being able to play the way some of these WT students do.  It really is wonderful!  If you haven’t been to a recital, you should consider it!  So many of WT’s students are extremely talented and they show it off at the recitals.  This Friday is a special recital.  It’s the Faculty Grand Recital.  So, you’ll actually get to see some of WT’s faculty show off their skills! You can find out more about it here


Extra Extra, Read All About It!

One of the classes that Agricultural Communications and Media majors are required to take is called a “Mass Comm Practicum”. If you’re not sure what a practicum is, all that it pretty much is a class that is based around the campus newspaper (The Prairie), yearbook (Eternal Flame), television station (News One) or radio station (91.1 or “The One”).

Seeing as how I just know that I’m not meant to be a television reporter or a radio broadcaster, I decided to stick with The Prairie.

Although I competed in U.I.L. Journalism in high school, that was 3 years ago and I’m a little rusty! So, as you can imagine, I was pretty nervous about writing journalism again. However, as I was writing my story for this week’s paper, I felt like I was getting back into the swing of things.

So, as I was off doing” mail” for my job at Medical Services, I picked up a copy of the current week’s edition of The Prairie. I wasn’t at all surprised to see my article in the newspaper but I was surprised at how it felt to see my name and my article in the newspaper. I felt a sense of accomplishment and pride seeing it. So, I decided to share it with you.

The Prairie

Not to mention seeing my name as a part of the staff…


If you’d like to go read the article online, the link is:

So if you’re walking around campus and you see a copy of the newspaper, pick it up and check it out!