If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Before I started college at WTAMU I always had dreams of traveling the world, but knew that I may never have the opportunity due to time and, more importantly, the cost. Even when starting at WTAMU I had heard about the study abroad office and opportunities, but still believed that it would never happen for me.

 Until now.

This semester I have signed up for an honor’s seminar class that has a travel component to Scotland. For me it is really a dream come true, a dream that I never really believed would come true for me. This trip is a short, two week visit to Scotland with the class and professor. I’ve learned that the best time to travel really is in college because that is when the time and the cost are best. Most college students don’t have a family (husband or kid) that they need to worry about leaving behind, and there are many scholarships to help cover the cost. It will cost a lot less to travel with a class, than trying to travel on your own after college. Another way to really enjoy a foreign country is to spend a semester studying in the country. (and guess what, WT helps with that too!)

Don’t pass on this dream, just because you think it could never happen to you. Inform yourself, and look out for opportunities!



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