“Nothing goes better with a Fresh Snowfall than Sledding…” I wouldn’t know.

So even though it was in the 70s everyday until we left for Christmas break, it did actually cool down enough to snow a few times before school started back up.  So what are some fun activities you do in the snow? Snow angel? Check.  Snowman? Check.  Snow Ice cream? Check.  Igloo? Check-ish.. I’ve done or attempted all of these things in the past… But one major activity that I haven’t EVER done is SLED! And I’m talking really sled.  I’ve done the redneck version (where you are pulled by a four-wheeler on spare metal) multiple times.. But I’ve never actually been on a sled or even slid down a hill on anything in the snow.  I guess that’s the perks of living in the Texas Panhandle your whole life… But I have heard rumors…  About a time when students would take the mattresses out of their dorms to Kimbrough Stadium and slide down that ginormous hill Now that sounds like a great day to me!  I’ve even heard of people lately trying to get in.  But, I don’t know if I believe these stories because they always end up with  the cops being there or something.. I don’t personally know anyone that has actually done it.. Snuck into Kimbrough stadium and sledded down the hill.  I’m not encouraging it.. I don’t know what kind of trouble you could get into for doing that… But I think it should be allowed! Anyways outside of dreamland… I’m gonna make it a goal… NEXT time it snows (which could be December.. or next year… either way!) I’m gonna find a hill and I’m gonna sled. Anyone know of any good hills for this???


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