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First off, let me say, it snowed last night and I didn’t sled… But I it was a rough day and I was a little preoccupied! Next time!

Now on to today’s topic.  This week laws banning cell phone use went into effect in Amarillo.  They have already been in effect in canyon, but it affects more people in Amarillo so there has been more talk about it.  I know plenty of people who talk, text, tweet, play games, etc…. while they drive and they are still alive!  But I know that when I have ever attempted a simple text, after two letters I look up and I’m NOT where I’m supposed to be.  So I don’t risk it.  When I was in high school, Alex Brown died.  She was a teenager from Seagraves.  You may have seen the Extreme Home Makeover episode about her family.  She was in one of my ITV classes and she wen to mascot camp with one of my very close friends.  I lived over 100 miles away from her and she was still a part of my life, so it’s hard for me to think what her close friends went through.  She was texting one day on her way to school, while speeding and not wearing a seatbelt.. and it took her life.  Living in rural Texas, when a teenager dies, it hits every school in the area, hard.  Her parents decided to use her accident to help others.  They went from school to school in the area and have gone to so many across the nation to educate teenagers on the dangers of texting and driving.  When they came to our school, I pledged to NOT Text and Drive.  I urge you to do the same.  One of my best friends was texting and driving while speeding on a back road with her headlights OFF, she ended up going into a ditch and rolling her car multiple times before hitting a tree.  God was holding her tight because she came out with a few bruises and that’s all.  I’m so thankful she is alive today.

But I want you to think about what could happen to OTHERS if you are texting and driving.  I’ve been on the road multiple times and a car has swerved into my lane. When I passed them, they had their phone in their hands.. What if I had been right next to them?  We BOTH could have died.  So I would like to ask you to think about what you could do to another person if you text and drive.

Like I said, some people are better at it than I am, and it’s your choice if you choose to text and drive or not.  But these laws are coming into place for a reason.  Too many people are dying because we don’t have the patience to wait to check our phones or to reply to a text.  I URGE you to think about this.

Remember Alex Brown.

SI Sessions & Tutoring

One of the great things WT has to offer is SI sessions! In difficult classes its always good to have a little extra assistance. Students just like us hold group sessions where any student in the class can get help and they can reteach what you didn’t understand in class. They do their best to pick times so that everyone can attend, but of course that’s not always possible.

I’m taking physics right now and all of the SI times are during other classes of mine, so I signed up for a tutor. In the past I’ve had tutors and it helped me tremendously! Asking for help is not a crime and is recommended and encouraged at WT. Don’t be ashamed of something you don’t understand because more than likely you are not the only one that needs help with it. Tutoring at WT is free so take advantage of the resources that are presented in front of you and if you need help don’t wait until the last month of the semester. Get help early and don’t give up on it.

The Grand Epiphany

I honestly can’t tell you when I discovered the word “epiphany” but if I had to guess, I’d venture to guess during late junior high or early high school. Anyway, that is not the point. The point is that whenever I stumbled upon “epiphany”, it was almost as if I was a pirate that had just discovered some booty… some “word booty” that is.

So, if you are unfamiliar with what “epiphany” means and haven’t been fortunate to stumble such word booty, no worries. An epiphany is a moment of sudden revelation or insight.

Interesting, right?

Well, obviously, I wouldn’t go rambling on about what an epiphany and yada yada yada for no reason. As you can very well guess, I must have had an epiphany.

Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

My epiphany is…

(Well, come to think of it, there may be more than one epiphany here. It’s kind of like those treasure map that pirates use. You have to start at point A to get to point B… Just bare with me.)

I went to my first on-campus English class last Monday. What’s the big deal about this? Well, I’ve not been in an actual, physical English class in about three years. (Come to think of it, I hope my blogging grammar isn’t a reflection of that…)

It might be a bit of an understatement to say that I’ve been anticipating Advance Grammar this semester… Well, anticipation mixed with sheer terror. (Terror stemming from the fact that I didn’t know a single soul in the class. When you get to be a junior/senior, it’s rare to have a class without one of your buddies in there. So you get comfortable…)

So as I’m waiting for class to start and I’m sitting by a some stranger, I decide to play Scramble with Friends on my phone to try to hide my mixed emotions. Every time somebody walked through the door, my head would involuntarily look up to see if the person who had just walked in was the teacher. With every new person walking in, my heart would begin to race more and more.

Finally after seemed what was an eternity, my teacher walked in and class started. The typical first day of class introductions didn’t help my rapidly beating heart, to say the least. After listening to everyone go around the room introducing themselves by saying their name, major, where they were from, etc…, I realized I was one of the only two students in the class who wasn’t an English major and I was for sure the only Ag Comm major in there. Awkward…. Okay, not entirely but you just wonder what the other students were thinking when they realize that there is an agricultural major in their senior level advanced grammar class.

As the Dr. Walls began to delve into the world of grammar, spouting off words and things about morphemes and the differences between the form and function classes, my heart was still beating, but rather in a different way. It wasn’t anticipation and sheer terror that gripped my heart but rather fascination as I began to see the world of grammar in an entirely different way.

It seemed that as we were walking out of the door, signalling the end of class, it felt like we had just sat down. My hour and fifteen minute class seemed like it had only lasted thirty minutes. I walked out of class with a different look on life.

As I was mulling my classes over, I kept on coming back to this one idea: Advanced Grammar… I really like that class… There are so many things about grammar and English that I don’t know… With my English minor, there are a certain stipulations as far as what classes you have to take. To finish off my English minor, I only eighteen hours, so I’d only need one or two more classes. However, I honestly couldn’t help but wonder what other grammar and English classes I’ve been missing out on. So I got to thinking…

What if i was to double major and get a degree in English?

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Before I started college at WTAMU I always had dreams of traveling the world, but knew that I may never have the opportunity due to time and, more importantly, the cost. Even when starting at WTAMU I had heard about the study abroad office and opportunities, but still believed that it would never happen for me.

 Until now.

This semester I have signed up for an honor’s seminar class that has a travel component to Scotland. For me it is really a dream come true, a dream that I never really believed would come true for me. This trip is a short, two week visit to Scotland with the class and professor. I’ve learned that the best time to travel really is in college because that is when the time and the cost are best. Most college students don’t have a family (husband or kid) that they need to worry about leaving behind, and there are many scholarships to help cover the cost. It will cost a lot less to travel with a class, than trying to travel on your own after college. Another way to really enjoy a foreign country is to spend a semester studying in the country. (and guess what, WT helps with that too!)

Don’t pass on this dream, just because you think it could never happen to you. Inform yourself, and look out for opportunities! 


“Nothing goes better with a Fresh Snowfall than Sledding…” I wouldn’t know.

So even though it was in the 70s everyday until we left for Christmas break, it did actually cool down enough to snow a few times before school started back up.  So what are some fun activities you do in the snow? Snow angel? Check.  Snowman? Check.  Snow Ice cream? Check.  Igloo? Check-ish.. I’ve done or attempted all of these things in the past… But one major activity that I haven’t EVER done is SLED! And I’m talking really sled.  I’ve done the redneck version (where you are pulled by a four-wheeler on spare metal) multiple times.. But I’ve never actually been on a sled or even slid down a hill on anything in the snow.  I guess that’s the perks of living in the Texas Panhandle your whole life… But I have heard rumors…  About a time when students would take the mattresses out of their dorms to Kimbrough Stadium and slide down that ginormous hill Now that sounds like a great day to me!  I’ve even heard of people lately trying to get in.  But, I don’t know if I believe these stories because they always end up with  the cops being there or something.. I don’t personally know anyone that has actually done it.. Snuck into Kimbrough stadium and sledded down the hill.  I’m not encouraging it.. I don’t know what kind of trouble you could get into for doing that… But I think it should be allowed! Anyways outside of dreamland… I’m gonna make it a goal… NEXT time it snows (which could be December.. or next year… either way!) I’m gonna find a hill and I’m gonna sled. Anyone know of any good hills for this???


Spring Time

Winter break is winding up to a close and the spring semester of college is about to begin.  Vacations are ending and everyone is starting to return to school to prepare for the next semester. Strangly, its hard to believe that next the semester is bringing in just three  short days when it feels like break was just three days long.

But now it’s time to get back into the school spirit and be ready to work hard on projects. It’s also the time to start looking at what colleges you are interested in (coughWTAMUcough). Spring is the time to visit colleges and start applying to different colleges. So what should you keep in mind while looking at colleges?

  1. Distance – I chose WTAMU because it is close to my home and I don’t have to travel far.  You may want to pick someplace nearby so you are able to visit often, or even pick a place far away if you are wanting a break from them.
  2. Price – price is a very important factor to keep an eye on. There are very good schools that are expensive and cheap. I chose WTAMU because the price was lower and I was able to earn scholarships.
  3. Majors – you don’t want to attend a college that doesn’t even have your major or degree. The main purpose of going to college is to be trained to suceed in your dream career. It wouldn’t help you to join a good college if you are forced to change your major for it.

So start your looking for colleges now and remember to keep in mind these three very important things,  and be sure to give a good look at WTAMU.