Going on a Trip

College is the time to experience new opportunities that otherwise might not be available to you. I’ve had a lot of opportunities thrown my way, but none were as exciting as signing up for a Honor’s seminar class that will travel to Scotland. The class doesn’t start until the spring semester and the trip to Scotland isn’t until May, but I am already preparing and planning! Being able to go overseas and visit different countries has always been a dream of mine; however, I never thought that I would be able to actually achieve that dream simply due to the cost of traveling. If it wasn’t for WTAMU and the Honor’s Program, I would never have been able to attend and afford this trip.

Seminar classes are required by all honor’s students, and there is normally at least one class offered a semester that has a travel component attached. Last semester a bunch of Honor’s students went to Costa Rica for about ten days and had an amazing trip. It’s not just the Honor’s program that allows students to travel however; there are classes in all different departments on campus that have the opportunity to travel abroad. The trip I will be taking to Scotland is part of an Art History focused class, which fits in well to my major of Graphic Design. The college of business is also offering a course that will be traveling to London this upcoming semester. Every Freshman has the opportunity to write a paper based on the readership novel and have the opportunity to travel to a country based on the novel they read. If you are unable to get into a class that travels, there is always the option to study abroad. You could visit or live in another country for up to a Semester or more.

Going overseas, or simply visiting a foreign country is an experience you should take advantage of while you are in college. Visit  http://www.wtamu.edu/academics/study-abroad.aspx to find out more!

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