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Going on a Trip

College is the time to experience new opportunities that otherwise might not be available to you. I’ve had a lot of opportunities thrown my way, but none were as exciting as signing up for a Honor’s seminar class that will travel to Scotland. The class doesn’t start until the spring semester and the trip to Scotland isn’t until May, but I am already preparing and planning! Being able to go overseas and visit different countries has always been a dream of mine; however, I never thought that I would be able to actually achieve that dream simply due to the cost of traveling. If it wasn’t for WTAMU and the Honor’s Program, I would never have been able to attend and afford this trip.

Seminar classes are required by all honor’s students, and there is normally at least one class offered a semester that has a travel component attached. Last semester a bunch of Honor’s students went to Costa Rica for about ten days and had an amazing trip. It’s not just the Honor’s program that allows students to travel however; there are classes in all different departments on campus that have the opportunity to travel abroad. The trip I will be taking to Scotland is part of an Art History focused class, which fits in well to my major of Graphic Design. The college of business is also offering a course that will be traveling to London this upcoming semester. Every Freshman has the opportunity to write a paper based on the readership novel and have the opportunity to travel to a country based on the novel they read. If you are unable to get into a class that travels, there is always the option to study abroad. You could visit or live in another country for up to a Semester or more.

Going overseas, or simply visiting a foreign country is an experience you should take advantage of while you are in college. Visit to find out more!

Holiday Shopping

Did you go shopping on Thanksgiving or Black Friday?  I’m too scared to do it.  I purposely waited until Sunday to go to Walmart to buy mascara!  I understand wanting to get the deals.  My husband and I seriously considered going to Walmart on Friday to get an Ipad for $200 off.  But it’s the people that are super serious and kinda scary that kept us away!  I watch Good Morning America every morning, and yesterday they showed a huge fight at Walmart over a tv.   And they said that at least one person died… Isn’t that crazy?  I can’t imagine it!  Although I don’t like shopping Black Friday weekend, I do love shopping around Christmas.  It’s crowded and cold, but the Christmas spirit is amazing!  My mom however gets her shopping all done before Thanksgiving so she doesn’t have to deal with the long lines and people.  If you are like her, and don’t want to go to the mall to do your Christmas shopping, but still need to buy a few gifts, check out our WTAMU bookstore!  I was in there yesterday and found a WT domino set, playing cards, drinking glasses, and they have a new Under Armor section that is really nice! You’d be surprised what you can find in there!

What do you know about the Honor’s Program? – Part Two

Welcome to part two of getting to know the honors space! Last time I went over some of the requirements of the Honor’s Space, now I’ll finish explaining that list. There are two last events that every Honor’s Student must complete. Those are the capstone project and presenting at a conference. I have yet to do either one so I don’t have firsthand experience of either yet. At first it seems like a lot of extra work but it falls in well with your course load.

Presenting at a Research Conference – For this requirement students are expected to make a poster based on research (either new or previously done for other classes) and present at a conference. The conferences happen both at WT and at other schools at least once a semester so there are a lot of opportunities for students.  This project is very similar to a poster that all Honors IDS students made in their first semester so you will have plenty of practice before hand.

Capstone Project – Lastly, all Honors students are expected to complete a capstone project during their senior year. This can range from research, to papers, to a show, to an art show depending on the students major. A student will find a faculty member to work with, present a capstone project plan, and start to work during their last year or last semester.  It may seem like a lot at first, but you have all of your first years of college to either think and plan, or not even worry about this requirement.

Other small requirements include keeping a cumulative 3.5 or higher GPA and a 3.0 or higher in all Honors required classes as well as being in the Honors program for 4 long semesters (2 years). Once again, if you are a hard worker and a good student, the Honor’s Program is always looking to work with you and help you out.

Hope that you will consider the Honors Program while at WT!

Don’t give up!

It’s that time of year… Nobody is showing up to class.. The people that are showing up are all late… There’s NO motivation! All the other colleges have had Fall Break by now or are having it next week for Thanksgiving.. and We have class until Wednesday at noon.. The day before Thanksgiving.  It really stinks.. We all just want to enjoy the holidays and have a BREAK from school… So what can you do to get motivated???

One thing – Look on the bright side… 1 week until Thanksgiving break.. Although it’s not a long break it is at least something to look forward to!  Then, less than a month until Christmas break!! And if you are a freshman and haven’t experienced a college Christmas break yet, let me tell you.. They rock!  Our break is about a month long!  Compared to two weeks in high school its amazing!  So when you don’t want to go to class tomorrow morning, just remind yourself that soon you will have a whole month of sleeping in.. So get up and go!

Another way to beat the blues… If you are a twilight fan, take a day this weekend to throw all studies out the window!  Don’t worry, you can do this every once in a while and not flunk out.. Anyways, throw your studies out the window one day this weekend and go see the new Breaking Dawn!  It’s the last one, so make a day of it!  Make a tshirt, eat out, get some friends to go with you and then get some coffee afterwards!  Your mind will appreciate the break from school (:

One more way to make it through this last bit of the semester… NAPS.  It’s been proven that a 30 minute nap during the day increases productivity!  I don’t have any 1 O’clock classes, so every day after lunch I take a 30 minute nap.. When I don’t, I can definitely tell the difference in my motivation level.. So try to set a time each day and make it a priority to take a SHORT nap!

You can do it!  We are so close to the holidays but it’s still important to focus on school!  Right now you can either make the grade or break the grade!

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Studying Is Beginning To Change

As tests roll around, mostly everyone is staying up all night and studying until they can’t stay awake. If you’re like me, you’re trying to get organized and get your thoughts together and information together. As I was studying for a previous exam, I noticed an email in my WTClass email. A classmate of mine had sent all of us information about this new website/app that made notecards very easy on the computer and you could study anywhere you wanted with the free app on your phone. Desperate for something new, I decided why not try it. And now I LOVE it! It’s called StudyBlue and here are some benefits I found from it:

1) It’s a lot faster to type than to write out words on note cards. On StudyBlue, you can easily make lots of notecards very quickly.

2) After you type the term on the notecard, StudyBlue pulls up any card throughout the website with the same name. It’s easy to share and find more information about it.

3) You can post pictures along with the notecard. As a Biology major, we have lots of diagrams and pictures so it’s easy to put on a notecard.

4) When you sign up online, it asks you what school you attend. After you put in West Texas A&M University, you can join your class if other classmates are on it and share notecards! If it doesn’t have your class on there, make your own and spread the news!!!

5) You can take it on the go with you and study wherever you are!

6) It makes quizzes and review sheets for you, so if you want to test your knowledge take a quiz! You can also print whatever you want from it so it’s super easy.

As you can see, I really love this new study tool! I’m excited to start using it and am trying to get the word out to other classmates. Technology has taken over!

Obama – Round 2

As I’m sure you have all seen on your bombarded News Feeds, Barack Obama is still our president.  I know some of you are happy and some really bummed, but I have to say that my News Feed makes me sick right now.  There are so many people being hateful about the results of this election.

I think that sometimes we (normal people) think that celebrities and politicians aren’t real people.  We can’t grasp the fact that they are just a human being like all of us.. so it’s almost like they are imaginary. . We also think this makes it alright to talk trash about them all the time.  Look at what the paparazzi say about celebrities!  It’s hardly ever nice.. So I want to challenge you, to imagine that you catch a break and become famous.. Imagine how you would feel if you were constantly criticized the way so many celebrities are.. Now what if you became president… and people were saying the same things about you that they are Obama… I would  go see a therapist, cry alot, and probably have some serious depression issues!

I’m not saying we have to agree with all of his decisions… AT ALL.  But let’s try to be a little mature about this and treat him like another human being.  This is his second and last chance… that’s all there is too it.  You can look at this with disgust and have a bad attitude for the next four years, you can not care and ignore politics the next four years, or you can keep your chin up and hope for the best.  I challenge you to think of him as a person.. He came pretty close to losing.. It was a close race!  And I’m pretty sure that he realizes as well that this is his second chance and that he better get some business taken care of…

Just some thoughts…

What do you know about the Honor’s Program? – Part One

There are a lot of misconceptions about the Honor’s program and just what it requires from people.  There are a lot people who don’t understand the requirements to be in the Honor’s program and because of that a end up passing by the Honor Program instead of joining. So for today I’ll just explain the different requirements of those in the Honor’s Program for those interested.

  • 1 Hour – Honors I in the first semester (Honors IDS)
    Every freshman at WT is required to take some form of IDS class their first semester to help prepare them for their future college years. If you are part of the Honor’s program you simply take the IDS as a part of the Honor’s Program. This is a way for you to get to know everyone else in your year, get to know your peer-mentors (upperclassmen), and get to know the faculty involved in the Honor’s Program. All students in the class are required to do a research project but there is no reason to worry because the class is very easy.
  • 8-9 Hours – Core courses in Honors format or foreign language completed at University level
    This a requirement that a lot of people seem to worry about. Basically, you will take some of your core classes though the Honors Program (which really ends up being a perk).  You can find out about the different classes offered here: ( If you are a transfer student or these classes just don’t fit into your schedule then there is no reason to worry because the Honor’s Program is willing to make things work out so you can meet this requirement even if you don’t take the classes.
  • 6 hours – Honors Seminars
    These classes will most likely count as electives in the long run, but could be some of the best classes that you ever take at WT. A seminar class is a discussion based class that is focused on a specialized topic. Some of these topics are repeated, and some of the classes are only offered once.  Often times there are seminar classes that will have travel component, which could be a trip across state, country, or the world.
  • Attend at least one Honors colloquia each fall and spring semester
    I have written a few different blog entries about the colloquia, and this is one of the best requirements of the Honors Program. To find out more about this check out my other blog entry here:

I’ll continue on next with the rest of the requirements of Honor’s Students. Hopefully this helps to clear things up for you.