Be Creative

Being a Science major, everything is very by the book.  With all the studying I do of laws and theories, it’s very easy to lose my creativity.  I find myself thinking of all things as black or white.. When I doodle in my notes, it’s never cute.. It’s always just like cursive writing or something boring.  So lately, I’ve been trying to rediscover my creative side.  I found a chart of 29 ways to stay creative.. It’s really been helping!  But then comes the question, if I’m always studying and preparing for school, how often do I get the chance to be creative?  At WT, ALL the time!  This week their was a pumpkin carving contest! I also went to a Pinterest Party at Shirley Hall tonight! There were all kinds of crafts that could be made with the objects they had available! The residence halls are always have crafty programs. Also, many groups are looking for people who are artsy to help out with advertising.  If you are needing some inspiration for your artistic side, next week there is a Trombone Choir Recital, a Wind Ensemble Recital, a Horn Choir Recital, and the WTAMU production of Iphigenia 2.0.  Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in school.  And, yes, that is what we are here for, but remember that it’s okay to be a little artsy every once in a while and use the other side of your brain!  It’s actually good for you! So go to the events that WT offers for you!  They are free!!! Trust me it’s always fun!

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