Record Enrollment At WTAMU

This year at WT, we have set record enrollment!! The last record was set in 1970 at 7,935 students and for this fall semester we are at 7,958 students. Hopefully this is just the beginning and our enrollment keeps increasing. Let me give you some reasons why WT is the BEST choice:

1) Small Town Environment: WT is located in Canyon, Texas. It’s a relatively small town and it’s only 15 minutes from Amarillo. So instead of all the traffic in a big town, you can just drive down the street to campus 🙂

2) CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! We are one of the cheapest universities in Texas! How can you pass that up?

3) Great faculty: All of the professors are very willing to sit down and help you. They set office hours and will even schedule appointments if you can’t make it during their office hours.

4) Beautiful Campus: I absolutely love the campus! It’s always very well taken care of.

These are just a few reasons, but trust me there are sooo many reasons to come!

Here’s the news article about WT’s record enrollment:

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