The Joys of Being A Biology Major..

I absolutely love my major. I am a Biology/Pre-Physical therapy major so the majority of the classes I take have to do with the human body. But every now and then I take a class that has to do with the human body plus other species. Let me tell you about the last couple of weeks…

One of my classes, we are having to handle fruit flies. They are fascinating little bugs I must say. I am not scared of bugs, well unless they can bite or they are spiders (eww), but when you handle bugs you go on the rest of the day feeling as if one might have escaped with you (very unlikely but I tend to freak myself out haha). Well the last couple of weeks we have been mixing different type of fruit flies to make offspring, we come back the next week and my groups flies had died and didn’t have any offspring (or so we thought). This week there were SO many larvae and pupae. I’m not ashamed to say that I was a little excited. But then we had to take a fly and kill him to get his DNA.

So while I hope to be a physical therapists in the future, taking all these really cool classes is fun. Getting the opportunity to learn everything we possibly want to know about Biology is awesome in my opinion. So when it comes to choosing a major, choose something that you are going to love and be passionate about because being able to enjoy your classes will help you be more successful. They are going to be times where you have to take something that you might not like very well, but it’s just one step closer to studying exactly what you want.

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