One of the best requirements of the Honor’s Program is the colloquia event required each semester. The colloquia are fun events that allows Honors students to meet up with old friends and talk about life, or meet new people. There are a lot of different events offered over the semester, so I’ll give you a sampling of each one.


The Chat-N-Chew is offered multiple times throughout a semester during lunch. You have to RSVP so only a limited number of students can get in at a time, but since it is offered more than once there is no reason to worry. All of the students meet, get a free lunch, and sit and talk to each other. A lot of the time a professor or two from the university will also come to the Chat-n-Chew to talk to students. It’s a great event and my favorite one to attend because you get free food, can catch up with old friends, and make new ones!

Pizza with a Prof

This is one of the colloquia events that I have never been too, but have heard a lot about it. It is another great event, also involving free food, where students have the chance to meet with different professors from campus, mostly ones that teach or will be teaching Honor’s classes. But it’s not a stuffy event by any means, and is more relaxed and fun where students can question the professor on things about their class, teaching method, or even their favorite animal. This is another event that is offered many times a semester so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to attend but you have to be sure to RSVP!

Various Events

If the first events listed here don’t happen to be your cup of tea then there is no reason to worry because there are a lot of various events and opportunities offered each semester as colloquia events. Often times these include special lecture events, or plays performed on campus or in Amarillo. The Honors space will often arrange for students to be able to see plays either performed in Amarillo, or even in Dallas for a fraction of the price it would normally cost. These events are always a bunch of fun since you are spending the time with friends.  In fact, here is a video made by a group of honors students on their way to watch The Adam’s Family Musical in Dallas. Enjoy!

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