It’s That Time Of Year Again…

Every semester greenlighting sneaks up on all of us. We are all so busy with school, work, and/or extracurricular activities that advising becomes a last minute thing. For those of you who don’t know, greenlighting is the time of the semester that you go see an advisor. For most of us, it’s a professor that we take a lot of classes with and one that knows a lot about our majors, but for others that may not be the case. As freshmen, your advisor is usually someone assigned to you at the Student Success Center. As you get further on in your schooling, or when you become a sophomore the student success center assignes a specific professor that you see every semester when it comes time to sort out your schedule. Some degree plans have a set course of what you need to take every semester. For other degree plans it’s taking a certain number of credit hours in your major. For students looking to go to professional schools or graduate schools it’s making sure you fit in prerequisites for that certain school(s) that you are looking to apply to a long with getting a certain number of credit hours. A lot has to be considered and your advisor is there to see you through. They are there any time, not just when it’s greenlighting time, to help you with any questions you may be having. If you can’t decide on a class and want a second opinion don’t hesitate to see you advisor. That’s why they are here.

One of the benefits of getting greenlighted before registration is that you can’t register if you haven’t been greenlighted by your advisor. Most of the classes I need to take this semester only accept a handful of students in the class. One of the classes I need only allows 8 students this semester. So registering as soon as possible is a must in my handbook. As for freshmen and sophomores, it’s not that big of a deal because basics and general classes usually allow for a larger number of students to sign up for the class. So make sure you get GREENLIGHTED as soon as you can!

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