Being Busy

I’m realizing that this semester has been more jam-packed and busy then my last four semester’s at WT combined. I know this is partly because I am a junior now and have finished all of my basics and have moved into classes focused on my major and minor. It is not that they are insanely hard classes (ok, maybe a little bit) but they are also very busy classes that take up a lot of my time. Because of this I find myself pushing other activities off until the last minute by convincing myself that I’m really too busy for because of my school work. In the end I push aside time with friends, work, and “me” time, and as the say “All work and No play makes Jack a dull boy.” It wasn’t until I started writing out my entire schedule for the next two months that I really realized this and that I needed to start making a change.

Even though it is my junior year, I feel that it is NOW at WT that I am starting to finally make the transition from High School to College to Preparing for “real life”. It seems that all of sudden life after college is becoming more and more real, even though it feels as though I still have years before I graduate. I’m also starting to realize that what I do now and how I act now really will have an impact on what happens to me after graduation. You should know that just going to college does not automatically mean you are given a grown up pass that will let you function in the “real world.”  There is still a lot of work and growing up or maturing that you’ll do in college, even if you think you already have everything figured out.

2 Responses to “Being Busy”

  1. 1 marissa rozier October 18, 2012 at 10:57 pm

    okay i am doing a paper over wtamu and i was wondering if you could help me.

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