Maroon Out

My sister went to A&M.  I contemplated going there, but ended up choosing WT instead.  I don’t regret my decision either! I love WT, but there is something I absolutely love about Texas A&M… Their traditions and school spirit.  People have made jokes that A&M is almost like a cult… I don’t think I’d go that far, but I do have to say that they are like a big family.  And their school spirit is a big reason for that!

Now having said that, one of my biggest pet peeves is the fact that people at WT don’t wear enough Maroon.. Maroon and white are our school colors for crying out loud!  In high school, I bet you had multiple jackets, sweaters, scarves, headbands, ponytail holders, shirts, sweat pants, etc….. that matched your school colors.

A&M has their Maroon Out game every year, and I’ve been once.. It was awesome.  The whole stadium was maroon except for a puny orange section.. I almost wore a black shirt and my sister yelled at me to change into my maroon one! That’s how serious they are about this.  I know WT has a Maroon Out game as well, and I’ve been before, but nobody seems to get that you are supposed to wear Maroon…..

So this is my challenge to you today: Try to add some Maroon to your wardrobe.  Last year I went to the mall and found the cutest maroon and white striped sweater for $8.  It’s not that expensive to wear your school colors.. I’ll even help you out!

Here are some links to Maroon clothing!!!

Now I saved my favorite for last… If you love Toms Shoes I’m sure you’ve seen these before!!

These come in Mens and Womens sizes.  I picked the A&M shoes just because I have heard that some of the other “maroon” shoes don’t really look maroon when you buy them.

Here’s the link:

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