To sleep or not to sleep…

So college life didn’t start out as the ridiculously busy thing it has become this semester. Y’all experiencing that too?

Between classes, working, keeping up with friends, family, and a bf/gf time gets to be a precious commodity. Sleep however is a much more precious thing. For my friends and myself, 5 or so hrs is sleeping in. Almost equal to rolling outta bed at noon on a Saturday when you were a kid 😛

If I can give y’all any advice, for those of you who are going to be or are freshmen, don’t overdue it when it comes to commitments. Clubs are a great idea and being involved with friends and campus activities will benefit you immensely. However, keep your limits in mind before you drive yourself crazy 😛

Any upperclassman will tell you that they miss the sleep they used to get before then took on so many responsibilities. And it only gets more stressful when you move off campus because then you have rent, bills, groceries, and all sorts of other payments to worry about on top of your campus stuff. It’s a good way to learn what you can handle, and a great way to grow into the you who can make it through the real world. Just try to ease yourself into it.

Questions, comments, concerns?? You know the drill!

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