College Relationships for Guys

So fellas, myself and most of the girls out here at WT are interested in what y’all want in a girl. And it probably wouldn’t hurt you guys to know what it is we want from y’all either.

I’m speaking purely from experience, my own and my friends. The general consensus is that a guy who can take care of himself and keeps his crap taken care of is a prize beyond measure. Us girls love a guy who’s got life covered, especially since we’re busy working out own out too. Haha! 😛

Here’s what most girls are wondering. What is it that y’all are looking for? We know what we want, but most guys are completely obsessed with the cheerleaders and the sorority girls. And they can be nice, but those are usually the party girls. Which leaves the rest of us out to dry.

Anyways, questions, comments, opinions. Let me know!


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