Smart students with Smart phones

So who has the iPhone 5??? I’ve seen a few people around campus sporting their new gadgets! I have to say I’m a teensy bit jealous.  I have the iPhone 4, and I love it.  I used to be the kid with the old school phone that didn’t have any apps or games. But when I got the iPhone, I realized what I’d been missing out on for so long. If you have a “smart” phone, but haven’t tested what it can do…. What are you waiting for? I had a friend that got an android phone last year. He played games on it and stuff, but one day he came in and he said, “I’ve decided that if I’m gonna have a SMART phone, I’m gonna use it to be smart.”  So he downloaded a news app, and he tries to stay up to date on everything going on in the world.  Some good apps to help you get through college? I’ve got it down to 3.

1. WTmobile – This is WT’s own app! You can check your BuffAdvisor, the student directory, and campus news all on this app.  You can even look at what’s going on with WT sports or calculate your tuition costs for next semester.

2. Gas Guru – This app shows the best, good, and worst gas prices in your area.  Don’t spend 10 cents extra per gallon when you can go to the Pak-a-Sak two blocks away and pay less!

3. Pandora – This app is the mobile version of And it’s great! Just make sure you are using wifi or it will use your data very quickly.  I like to listen to certain upbeat stations while I workout.  Then I’ll listen to a classical music station while I study, and while I clean I have a quick mix of all my favorites!

An App with great potential that didn’t make the cut?

UpTo – This app connects to you personal calendar on your phone and to Facebook.  You can choose to share facebook events that you are attending or share what you have planned in your calendar with you r friends.  This way you can see what is going on in your circle, and make plans to meet up accordingly! It really is a great idea, but right now they have some bugs to fix.  Anytime you try to invite friends via facebook, it shuts down.  I would recommend downloading it, so that when it is updated with bug fixes, you can use it immediately.

Another app that I just discovered that didn’t make the cut?

Snapseed – This is a just for fun photography app.  It really goes beyond any app I’ve seen. You can layer effects, or choose a certain area of the picture that you want to have the effect.  I’ve yet to discover all of its secrets! The ONLY reason it didn’t make the cut was that its $5.  A little pricey for a college student. But if you love photography, this is a must have!

So be smart with your smart phone.  Please stay up to date on news! Get a dictionary app, so you can look up words that you don’t know in class. The opportunities are endless!

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