Changing Your Point of View

Today I had a class that really struck home with me and caused me to think about my life and my attitude in a different way. The main lesson of the class was how to be a Proactive person rather than a Reactive person.  Wondering what the difference is between these two?

Proactive – Taking responsibility for your actions, acknowledging that everything you do is a choice you make, using language like “I can”, “I will”, or “I prefer”

Reactive – Blames others and situations for their choices, believes they have no choice in life and does not aknowledge making wrong choices, using language like “I can’t”, “I won’t”, or “If only”

After learning these terms I realized that I treated life and school in a more reactive way then proactive most of the time. I’m really working on changing my point of view, and once you have the determination to make the change, it’s not hard to achieve.

Are you are reactive or proactive person?

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