ABC’s of College: A is for…

A is for… alarm clocks.

Life is easy growing up. As much as I hated Mom and Dad coming into my room in the morning to wake me up, often using water, I honestly kind of miss that. Because now, I’m missing class and work.

Everyday, I set 11-12 alarms on my handy dandy iPhone. The first one starts around 5:30 and the last one starts around 6:20. When it comes to the music selection, I have to fashion my own alarms using my brother’s rock music on Garageband because I just can’t find a way to wake up to the “dinky” ones that Apple seems to think will actually work.

A few months ago, I went scouring through my brother’s room when he wasn’t home, uploading various C.D.s of rock artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Korn, and others to my iTunes. I pick 2-3 of the loudest, scariest songs that I come muster up and turn them into 18 second ringtones via Garageband. Then I export those bad boys to my iTunes and wah-lah! I have loud, scary alarms!

What I realized is that after a few weeks/months, I begin to miss a few of those alarms and not wake up on time. It’s almost as if I become desensitized to them! My poor little ears and brain just don’t recognize that those loud, scary alarms are signals that I should up and getting ready! So it’s safe to assume that when I’ve woken up late a few days in a row and I might have missed a class or two, I need to change all of my alarms and make 2-3 more loud, scary alarms.

All in all, I will say that I’m thankful for alarm clocks, and iPhones, because without them, I wouldn’t be getting to class and work on time.

The irony is that while I am working on blogging about the alphabet and today is “A”, I actually did sleep through all of my alarms and was just a few minutes late to work….


Till next time..

Abigail Grace


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