September Activities and Fun!

Lately I’ve noticed that I have a semi-bad attitude. NOT good! I’ve never been the kid with the attitude problem.  But I just realized I was complaining about anything and everything.  So I’ve tried to stop and in this, I’ve realized that if I focus on one great thing that happened during the day, I’m a much happier, nicer, and kinder person.  For example, yesterday I had to make a dentist appointment for a tooth problem I’m having.  The only time they could get me in was when I was scheduled to work.  Nobody at work could take my shift, and I was starting to get worried.  But then my boss told me to ask a new guy that I’ve never even met.  I texted him, not expecting anything because I don’t even know this guy.  And a few hours later he texted back saying that he would help me out and take my shift!  Such a kind guy!  So I let that wonderful feeling I got when I read that text message cheer me up all day.

Now things like the situation above aren’t going to happen everyday! Sometimes you have to take control of a situation and make something good happen! Some ways you can do this in the upcoming month are…

*Go to sporting events!  Buff games are very energetic and the fans have lots of fun.  There is a football game in Arlington this weekend that alot of people are going to.  It’s gonna be a great game in the Dallas Cowboy Stadium!  Also, you can go see a Rangers game, or go shopping while you’re there! Make a trip out of it! Have fun!

*Go to the Tri-state fair!!! This starts this weekend and ends next weekend! It’s pretty pricey to get in… but good news! College students get in free on Thursday the 20th! Go eat fried food to your heart’s content and see the attractions while your at it!

*Get involved on campus! This week is iWeek.  It’s pretty awesome, each day around noon there is a fair by the jbk and there are free shirts, lots of organizations with free pens, bags, etc, and lots of people!  You can also use iWeek to get you signed up for an organization that you might be interested in!

Sometimes great things just happen to you, but if you are needing something to cheer you up and brighten your mood take the first step by doing one of the things mentioned above! Or share your ideas with us in the comments!

iWeek at the Pedestrian Mall

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