Happy Late Labor Day!

I know this is a little late, but I hope you all had a great holiday!

How did you spend your labor day??? From what I’ve heard, people either enjoyed their days off or were mad that they were working.  I belong to the second group.  I wasn’t scheduled to work but Sunday night they asked if I would come in at 7 AM on Monday.  Last time they asked me to come in, I didn’t really want to so I said no, and now I felt like I owed it to them.  So I went in Monday, it wasn’t a bad day at work at all, and then my boss told me I was getting paid time and a half! Woohoo! I got off at 3 PM so I still had time to come home and relax (:

It’s so nice that we didn’t have to go to school! Especially if you have labs!  Most labs for the week were completely cancelled because the professors don’t want one lab to get ahead of the rest! So if you have a lab, you might want to double check that you still have class this week before you go!  But don’t assume you DON’T have lab! I still had a Geology 2 lab, because there is only one on Tuesdays 😛

I really hope all of ya’ll got at least some kind of break from the everyday rush of things! I also hope your semesters are going great! So far, so good for me! (:

Have a great short week!

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