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To sleep or not to sleep…

So college life didn’t start out as the ridiculously busy thing it has become this semester. Y’all experiencing that too?

Between classes, working, keeping up with friends, family, and a bf/gf time gets to be a precious commodity. Sleep however is a much more precious thing. For my friends and myself, 5 or so hrs is sleeping in. Almost equal to rolling outta bed at noon on a Saturday when you were a kid 😛

If I can give y’all any advice, for those of you who are going to be or are freshmen, don’t overdue it when it comes to commitments. Clubs are a great idea and being involved with friends and campus activities will benefit you immensely. However, keep your limits in mind before you drive yourself crazy 😛

Any upperclassman will tell you that they miss the sleep they used to get before then took on so many responsibilities. And it only gets more stressful when you move off campus because then you have rent, bills, groceries, and all sorts of other payments to worry about on top of your campus stuff. It’s a good way to learn what you can handle, and a great way to grow into the you who can make it through the real world. Just try to ease yourself into it.

Questions, comments, concerns?? You know the drill!

College Relationships for Guys

So fellas, myself and most of the girls out here at WT are interested in what y’all want in a girl. And it probably wouldn’t hurt you guys to know what it is we want from y’all either.

I’m speaking purely from experience, my own and my friends. The general consensus is that a guy who can take care of himself and keeps his crap taken care of is a prize beyond measure. Us girls love a guy who’s got life covered, especially since we’re busy working out own out too. Haha! 😛

Here’s what most girls are wondering. What is it that y’all are looking for? We know what we want, but most guys are completely obsessed with the cheerleaders and the sorority girls. And they can be nice, but those are usually the party girls. Which leaves the rest of us out to dry.

Anyways, questions, comments, opinions. Let me know!


College Relationships for Girls

Alright ladies. I realize that most people who write about relationships end up preaching. I hate that and so I won’t do it to y’all. I’m just going to give y’all a scenario, and give you a little insight into what college dating is and what it should be.

So I’m dating this guy. He’s smart, sweet, funny as hell, great dancer, and pretty damn good looking if the looks he gets from every girl who sees him are anything to go by. Sounds perfect right? So did I until I became the babysitter for a boy who can’t get his crap together. Granted not all of it is his fault. Life just threw him quite a few curveballs just before we started dating.

Anyways college guys, especially the small-town ones are so ready for the settled down family life. If you’re ready for that kind of thing, go for it. Myself I’m more up for seeing the world and having some fun first.

So, thoughts? Stories of your own?? I’d be glad to hear from ya!

Buffs over Javelinas

Hey y’all! Been a while since I got any of my adventures up here, so I’ll be playing catch up yet again 😛

Anyways, first escapade I have to share is the 2 day road trip my roommate and I made over to Dallas to see the WT Buffs football team take on the A&M Kingsville Javelinas at Cowboys Stadium. Definitely a sight to see!

It was such a fun 2 days 🙂 we took off from Canyon at about 9am Saturday morning, made it to Dallas around 2:30pm, and hung out at our friend’s parents’ house until it was time to head to the stadium. Believe me, it was very nice to have a 2 hr nap after a 5 and a half hr drive 😛 Well once we were rested up and finally made it to the right exit, it was time for the real fun to start 🙂

For those of you who haven’t been to Cowboys Stadium, it’s HUGE!!! There were a good number of Buff fans in the stands and we didn’t fill half the stadium. Plus we had the band and the Maroon Platoon to keep spirits high and life interesting. Hahaha 🙂 And our boys didn’t disappoint either. With every play they showed what talented athletes they are, which led up to a final score of 40-10! It was a great night overall 😀

The following morning wasn’t as fun however 😛 You know the return trip doesn’t bring the same rush of joy that the start of one does. Having one of our band friends ride back to WT with us made things more entertaining, but all the same a 6 hr drive will take it out of you.

So next year all of you should go see our Buff football team play at Cowboys Stadium!!! You won’t regret it 🙂

Smart students with Smart phones

So who has the iPhone 5??? I’ve seen a few people around campus sporting their new gadgets! I have to say I’m a teensy bit jealous.  I have the iPhone 4, and I love it.  I used to be the kid with the old school phone that didn’t have any apps or games. But when I got the iPhone, I realized what I’d been missing out on for so long. If you have a “smart” phone, but haven’t tested what it can do…. What are you waiting for? I had a friend that got an android phone last year. He played games on it and stuff, but one day he came in and he said, “I’ve decided that if I’m gonna have a SMART phone, I’m gonna use it to be smart.”  So he downloaded a news app, and he tries to stay up to date on everything going on in the world.  Some good apps to help you get through college? I’ve got it down to 3.

1. WTmobile – This is WT’s own app! You can check your BuffAdvisor, the student directory, and campus news all on this app.  You can even look at what’s going on with WT sports or calculate your tuition costs for next semester.

2. Gas Guru – This app shows the best, good, and worst gas prices in your area.  Don’t spend 10 cents extra per gallon when you can go to the Pak-a-Sak two blocks away and pay less!

3. Pandora – This app is the mobile version of And it’s great! Just make sure you are using wifi or it will use your data very quickly.  I like to listen to certain upbeat stations while I workout.  Then I’ll listen to a classical music station while I study, and while I clean I have a quick mix of all my favorites!

An App with great potential that didn’t make the cut?

UpTo – This app connects to you personal calendar on your phone and to Facebook.  You can choose to share facebook events that you are attending or share what you have planned in your calendar with you r friends.  This way you can see what is going on in your circle, and make plans to meet up accordingly! It really is a great idea, but right now they have some bugs to fix.  Anytime you try to invite friends via facebook, it shuts down.  I would recommend downloading it, so that when it is updated with bug fixes, you can use it immediately.

Another app that I just discovered that didn’t make the cut?

Snapseed – This is a just for fun photography app.  It really goes beyond any app I’ve seen. You can layer effects, or choose a certain area of the picture that you want to have the effect.  I’ve yet to discover all of its secrets! The ONLY reason it didn’t make the cut was that its $5.  A little pricey for a college student. But if you love photography, this is a must have!

So be smart with your smart phone.  Please stay up to date on news! Get a dictionary app, so you can look up words that you don’t know in class. The opportunities are endless!

Changing Your Point of View

Today I had a class that really struck home with me and caused me to think about my life and my attitude in a different way. The main lesson of the class was how to be a Proactive person rather than a Reactive person.  Wondering what the difference is between these two?

Proactive – Taking responsibility for your actions, acknowledging that everything you do is a choice you make, using language like “I can”, “I will”, or “I prefer”

Reactive – Blames others and situations for their choices, believes they have no choice in life and does not aknowledge making wrong choices, using language like “I can’t”, “I won’t”, or “If only”

After learning these terms I realized that I treated life and school in a more reactive way then proactive most of the time. I’m really working on changing my point of view, and once you have the determination to make the change, it’s not hard to achieve.

Are you are reactive or proactive person?

ABC’s of College: A is for…

A is for… alarm clocks.

Life is easy growing up. As much as I hated Mom and Dad coming into my room in the morning to wake me up, often using water, I honestly kind of miss that. Because now, I’m missing class and work.

Everyday, I set 11-12 alarms on my handy dandy iPhone. The first one starts around 5:30 and the last one starts around 6:20. When it comes to the music selection, I have to fashion my own alarms using my brother’s rock music on Garageband because I just can’t find a way to wake up to the “dinky” ones that Apple seems to think will actually work.

A few months ago, I went scouring through my brother’s room when he wasn’t home, uploading various C.D.s of rock artists such as Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Korn, and others to my iTunes. I pick 2-3 of the loudest, scariest songs that I come muster up and turn them into 18 second ringtones via Garageband. Then I export those bad boys to my iTunes and wah-lah! I have loud, scary alarms!

What I realized is that after a few weeks/months, I begin to miss a few of those alarms and not wake up on time. It’s almost as if I become desensitized to them! My poor little ears and brain just don’t recognize that those loud, scary alarms are signals that I should up and getting ready! So it’s safe to assume that when I’ve woken up late a few days in a row and I might have missed a class or two, I need to change all of my alarms and make 2-3 more loud, scary alarms.

All in all, I will say that I’m thankful for alarm clocks, and iPhones, because without them, I wouldn’t be getting to class and work on time.

The irony is that while I am working on blogging about the alphabet and today is “A”, I actually did sleep through all of my alarms and was just a few minutes late to work….


Till next time..

Abigail Grace