Catacombs and Cross Walks


The first day of my junior year is officially over.

The funny/weird thing is, I spent more of my day at work (Student Medical Services) instead of actually in class!

So on my first day, I had some “first time experiences” on campus:

1. For the first time, I got to push the cross walk button at the stop light near the ANS. Yay! 🙂 Living out in the country, we don’t have cross walks to cross the dirt roads or turn rows!

2. I am taking my first night class, New Media with Butler Cain. While I’ve always tried to steer clear of night classes, I’m thinking that this one might not be so bad! (I think it’s just the thought of missing supper seems daunting!)

3. I am taking my first 7:30 am class, Soils with Dr. Parker. While most people dread 7:30 am classes, one of the nice things about early classes is having a better chance at getting a parking spot!

4. I went to the Buffs For Christ event “Catacombs” on Monday night at 9:00 pm. This was probably one of my favorite things about the first day of class. Not having been to the BFC before, I didn’t know much about what Catacombs was much less what the word even meant. However, I learned that the early, first century Christians would try to escape persecution by going out into the catacombs and worshiping by candlelight.

So, BFC’s version of Catacombs is as such: the religious/historical meaning of catacombs was introduced to those who didn’t know what the event was (like me!) followed by scripture reading and a prayer. Then we all headed into this large room that was dark minus a few lit candles. Sitting “criss cross apple sauce bottoms on the carpet” style, we all began to sing songs with a few scriptures read in between followed by prayer.

Overall, I would have to say that my first day back at school went pretty well. If only the rest of the semester will go as amazing!

At Agriculture Ambassador training last weekend, one of the ag professors said something that really struck my attention:

“You can choose to either have a good day or a bad day. It all depends on how you react to what life throws at you.”

Hope y’all have a great fall semester!

Abigail Grace



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